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Research Video competition winner

last modified Feb 21, 2018 02:37 PM

Congratulations to the winners of the CEB Research Video Competition! The prize winning video is the product of a combined team effort from researchers from the Laser, Molecular Neuroscience and Quantitative Imaging Groups.

The prize is a video production package with Gass Productions to have a professional research video of their choice filmed.

The researchers featured in the winning film are Marcus Fantham, Florian Ströhl, Chris Rowlands, Nathan Curry, Oliver Vanderpoorten, Chetan Poudel, Romain Laine, Katharina Scherer and Clemens Kaminski (PI) from the Laser Analytics Group. Also, Amberley Stephens, Ajay Mishra, and Meng Lu from the Molecular Neuroscience Group led by Gabi Kaminski. The Quantitative Imaging Group headed by Eric Rees was also featured.

Marcus Fantham said, "The group had some scraps of footage left over from a recent filming session, so when the departmental video competition was announced I wondered what I could do with them. I decided to present 'windows' into our research, showcasing the teamwork, collaborations and impact present across all our work. I hope the video shows the breadth and depth of what we do, and that we have fun doing it! Thanks to all those featured in the video, and to those involved in organising the competition. I look forward to producing something exciting with the prize!"

Elena Gonzalez, organiser of the competition, along with Professor Geoff Moggridge commented, "The combined entry submitted by the very well-deserved winners of this year's CEB Video Research competition is truly remarkable and clearly stands out."

The winning entry was put on a loop on the TV outside the Laser Lab and shown to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, when he visited CEB and was taken on a tour of the lab facilities on 15 December. The VIP tour party in fact spent 2 or 3 minutes talking in front of the short film!


More details about the competition.

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