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Roche Continents

last modified Mar 08, 2016 04:01 PM
Rebekah Scheuerle
Roche Continents

Rebekah in her lab

Rebekah Scheuerle has been selected to enjoy one week of interdisciplinary challenges and inspiration at Roche Continents which takes place from August 11-17, 2015.

Roche Continents is a programme designed to explore innovation at the intersection of music, arts, and science in conjunction with attendance at the Salzburg Festival. Through interdisciplinary workshops and lectures, 100 of Europe's most talented students investigate the creativity process. The event offers participants the opportunity to explore the unique possibilities in the common ground of these disciplines, using the concerts as motivation. The festival, which also includes various opera, drama and classical music events includes a contemporary music concert series, which is supported by Roche and attended by participants. Holistically, the programme is meant to challenge and inspire the future’s leaders of the sciences and arts.  It provides a unique space for these individuals to investigate creativity as an experience and process, so that they may apply it to changing the world.  Participants are carefully selected from an applicant pool composed of students aged 20-29 nominated as the most talented students from professors in universities across Europe.

Rebekah said, "I am very grateful to have been selected for this unique event. I am especially keen to have an opportunity to explore creativity and the innovation process in an interdisciplinary setting.  I feel that this unique opportunity to focus on these important thought processes as an engineer in collaboration with arts students will help me compare and contrast our approaches to innovation. This broadening of perspective I hope to apply to support my use of human-centred design in my research, and in a future career increasing access to medical technology and therapeutics globally. Furthermore, as a piccolo player, I am ecstatic to have an opportunity to attend concerts at this festival."

More information on Roche Continents.

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