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Ke Xu Zhou attends ICEF12 with support from Seligman APV Travel Grant and SFAM’s President's Fund

Ke Xu Zhou has recently attended the 12th International Congress on Engineering in Food (ICEF12) which was held from 14 - 18 June, 2015, in Quebec City, Canada, with the support of the Seligman APV Travel Grant and the Society for Applied Microbiology (SFAM) President's Fund. ICEF12 is a quadrennial event hosting the world’s leading experts in food engineering.

Ke Xu Zhou (known as Xuke) is a postgraduate student supervised by Dr Graham Christie (Molecular Microbiology Group) and Dr Ian Wilson (Paste, Particle and Polymer Processing Group). At the conference he presented the abstract entitled 'Investigating the molecular basis for adhesion of bacterial spores to inert surfaces' focusing specifically on the influence of hydrophobicity on the adhesion properties of Bacillus spores.

Xuke said, "Attending the 12th International Congress on Food and Engineering in Quebec City was a fantastic experience. This was my first formal encounter with a meeting of this scale and nature and as the second year of my PhD comes to an end, the timing for attending this conference could not have been better. Overall the conference has been an extremely positive experience, not to say that the location is fantastic. Quebec City is a truly beautiful and historic city and Ian and I had our fair share of sunshine and rain."

Xuke's full report on the conference

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Society for Applied Microbiology

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