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Sensors Day 2017

last modified Oct 26, 2017 01:24 PM

Sensors Day, the ​annual ​flagship event of the ​Centre for ​Doctoral ​Training in ​Sensor Technologies and Applications​, took place in Robinson College on 20th October 2017.​ ​The event attracted more than 180 researchers from academia and industry.

There was ​a​​​​ real sense of excitement and enthusiasm among the delegates, ​with lively discussions ​taking place on sensor related topics ranging from molecular sensors​, lab on chips, social robotics to the internet of everything. ​

The conference featured a stellar lineup of internationally recognised speakers​. ​CEB's very own Ljiljana Fruk gave an excellent presentation on the use of gold nanoparticulate technology for novel sensor applications.​ Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey presented an exciting overview on the use of sensors in polar science.

​As in past years​,​ a highlight of the conference was the presentation of the student team challenge​, a 12 week research project the Sensor CDT students undertake collaboratively as part of their Masters of Research (MRes qualification). This year ​their challenge ​was on the development of a cell-free sensor kit for the ​quantitative ​testing of arsenic contaminated ground water in developing countries​, a task they delivered with outstanding skill and dedication. Their presentation followed on nicely from Julie Macpherson's talk on the use of diamond films for electrochemistry measurements.

For the first time this year​,​ the Sensor CDT student​s​ organised ​​their own Student PhD Showcase, which preceded​ Sensors ​Day. The students linked up with the ​School of ​Advanced ​Optical ​Technologies​ (SAOT)​ in Germany as well as with CD​T​s from across the​ UK and in Cambridge.

In addition to talks and posters, the students learned from a panel of young entrepreneurs how starting a company works in practice.