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last modified Jan 29, 2014 10:33 AM

Stimulus volunteer

STIMULUS is a community service programme which gives Cambridge University students the opportunity to work with pupils in local schools, helping with Maths, Science, ICT or Technology lessons.

Volunteers come from all disciplines but mainly mathematics, technology and science-related subjects. This term, three Chemical Engineering undergraduates are volunteering.

Part I student, Supriya Gopinath, said, "I initially became involved with the STIMULUS project due to the fact that one of my career aspirations as a child was to be a teacher... despite now having set my sights on being a chemical engineer, I always wanted to experience what it would be like to teach in a classroom.  I am currently helping as a classroom assistant in Year 10 GCSE Maths lessons at a local school in Cambridge. It has been great working with the students so far; the fact that I am a student (and not technically a teacher) allows me to communicate with them more easily. Also, due to the size of the class, the teacher is not normally able to give the necessary attention to all the pupils... by being a classroom assistant, more students receive the individual attention and help that they need during the lesson. Overall, it's been a really enjoyable experience so far and I look forward to carrying on with this project next term!"

Another student, from the Part IIB class, explained her reasons for volunteering, "I have always loved helping people learn and STIMULUS is a great way to do this, both by helping individuals resitting for exams and by being a general classroom assistant. STIMULUS has helped me to see more of what teaching is about and has inspired me to teach in the future."