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Trans Awareness and Inclusion at CEB: Personal and Professional Perspective

last modified Jun 29, 2018 04:41 PM
This session run as part of the Diversity@CEB initiative was designed to provide a platform to help understand, encourage and celebrate diversity within the Department. It was led by Miriam Lynn (Acting Head of Equality & Diversity at the University of Cambridge) and Lucian Stephenson (Chair of the University LGBT+ staff network).

On 13 March CEB hosted the first ever workshop on Trans awareness, which proved really popular despite initial fears that attendance may be low and some might find the subject itself slightly taboo and deter them from coming. The audience engagement and contribution levels were in fact encouragingly higher than initially expected, with inquisitive department members wanting to find more about the issues faced by the trans community and throwing questions at the presenters.

The aim of the presentation was to provide a platform to help understand, encourage and celebrate diversity within the Department providing a greater understanding of the experience of trans people, shedding light on the meaning and use of important gender terms such as cis, non-binary, transgender, etc... sharing information and insights in a safe and extremely supportive environment.

Both Miriam Lynn and Lucian did a fantastic job explaining concepts, some of which were foreign to a diverse crowd in the audience brought up in different cultures and with different values. Lucian also provided incredibly valuable insights on his own personal journey whilst transitioning.  

The highly-spirited duo wrapped up the session signposting to resources available and offering further support. After the presentation, the networking over drinks and nibbles provided a good forum for interactive discussion amongst attendees and presenters. 

The presentation has now been made available to CEB members on

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