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Top 10 Innovations

last modified Jan 13, 2017 12:14 PM
Alumni news

Horizon Discovery, a world leader in the application of gene editing technologies, has for the fourth year in a row had one of its portfolio products included in The Scientist's list of  'Top 10 Innovations' of the year.

The latest product to have been chosen by a panel of expert judges was Horizon’s TurboGFP tagged HAP1 cell lines which enable researchers to study proteins at the endogenous level in live cell assays. The cells combine three leading technologies: CRISPR Cas9 gene editing; the HAP1 cell line; and TurboGFP™, an early maturation fluorescence protein from Evrogen.

Dr. Darrin M. Disley, CEO and CEB Alumnus commented: "We are delighted that cutting edge technology provided is being recognised at the international level. In combination with the company's previous award winning Knock-out, Knock-in and Reporter cell-lines Horizon now supplies an affordable suite of tools to help researchers study the deep functional biology of their genetic features of interest."