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Tunnacliffe Lab Migrates to Pembroke Site

last modified Jan 28, 2014 11:10 AM
Tunnacliffe Lab Migrates to Pembroke Site

The new lab, just before the move

After more than 12 years of research at the Institute of Biotechnology, the Tunnacliffe lab has moved into the brand new 'Cell and Organism Engineering Laboratory' at the Pembroke site. The group is mainly involved in understanding how cells and organisms reach a state of extreme bio-stability during anhydrobiosis and brings with it expertise in culturing anhydrobiotic life forms, protein and peptide biochemistry, cell and molecular biology.

Everyone is finally is breathing a sigh of relief as they settle in after a very smooth yet hectic move supported brilliantly by the technical staff. There is excitement and celebration as members are raring to get on with research in the new surroundings, not withstanding the inevitable delays that they might experience in setting up equipment, getting lab ware etc!