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UK-India social innovation challenge - Sukanya Datta

last modified Jul 06, 2017 04:19 PM

Sukanya Datta (1st year PhD student in the Process Integration & Catalytic Application group) participated in the UK-India social innovation challenge which is a UKISEEN (UK- India Entrepreneurship Education Network) initiative organized by University of Southampton, UK and Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), India.

This platform aims to support innovative and creative ideas to global problems that is affecting India. The challenge was to propose a detailed business model that would ensure access to safe drinking water in rural areas in India. Sukanya's business proposal was shortlisted among the top ten ideas for the competition. She proposed a rolling water filter (water wheel) incorporated with Graphene as a filtering membrane and equipped with photocatalytic nanoparticles that can purify dirty water when exposed to sunlight. This is a rolling water wheel model because even today, in many parts of rural India, women carry water on their heads from the river to their homes. A rolling water wheel with filters will help in transporting water more efficiently and also filtering it at the same time

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