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Water for Life: From Source to Tap

last modified Dec 02, 2014 11:49 AM
Career talk by Alice Elder, 27 Nov 2014

Chemical Engineering alumna Alice Elder returned to CEB to give the last career talk this term on 'Water for Life: From Source to Tap'. Alice is a Process Engineer from Mott Macdonald, a global management, engineering and development consultancy.

She graduated here with an MEng back in 2005 and has been working for Mott MacDonald since then as a Chartered Process Engineer doing consultancy for water companies. She has had a vast amount of experience in a range of water-related projects, regularly putting into practice the skills previously learned as an undergraduate student here.

Alice’s work covers different areas depending on the project at hand: anything from dealing with different water sources to water treatment, distribution (pipelines repair) and customer properties including dealing with lead corrosion in old pipes and boil notices.

She started off by explaining how she uses process engineering skills in her day-to-day job. She also highlighted that understanding water chemistry is key in her role and that she needs to be fully aware of different processes like solids separation, adsorption of contaminants, mass balances, chemical reactions, PFDs and P&IDs and what each of these involves and its implications.

She commented how fouling and scaling in the piping network has been a huge problem in many of the projects she had led. She has also dealt with several other projects where sustainability and innovation are increasingly playing a very important role, dealing with clients like Anglian Water and Scottish Waters.

She finally advised undergraduates to have a look at the vast array of opportunities Mott Macdonald has to offer and to go for chartered status if at all possible as this accreditation is held in high regard internationally.

For more information on Mott Macdonald and related job opportunities available see or follow @MottMacCareers