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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Welcome to Alexei Lapkin

We would like to welcome a new lecturer, Alexei Lapkin, who joins the department this month as Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering.

Alexei comes to us from the University of Warwick where he worked on Sustainable Chemical Processes and Materials. He says, "I'm looking forward to contributing to research and teaching in the Department, especially in my speciality areas of Reaction Engineering and Sustainability."

His research projects are in the field of catalytic reaction engineering. He and his team work on developing catalytic syntheses of pharmaceutical intermediates under flow conditions, modeling kinetics and reactor behaviour for catalytic multiphase processes, real-time optimisation of complex reactions and evaluating sustainability of new chemical processes. Two new projects are starting very soon. One is on developing a new supply chain of aromatic molecules from renewable bio-sources. In this project they will look at developing process scenarios and evaluating best options for multi-step integrated processes. This project is a collaboration with Cambridge's IfM, Bath and Bristol Universities, funded by EPSRC. Another project is within Dial-a-Molecule Grant Challenge of EPSRC and is looking at real time optimisation of new chemical processes. This is a collaboration with Southampton, Strathclyde and Cardiff Universities.

He has brought four researchers with him from Warwick.

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