CEB Professor receives Blavatnik Award

Sam Stranks, Professor of Optoelectronics at CEB, has been recognised as a Finalist in Chemical Sciences

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Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Sam Stranks, Professor of Optoelectronics at CEB, has been recognised as the Finalist in Chemical Sciences for the 2024 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the UK!

The Blavatnik Awards in the UK recognize excellence in three disciplinary categories: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Chemical Sciences. Professor Stranks has been chosen as one of only two Chemical Sciences Finalists in the UK!

Professor Stranks has been recognised for his research into the development of novel techniques to uncover how of the key materials used in high-efficiency solar cells behaves under a variety of conditions.

His work particularly sheds light on where perovskite materials lose efficiency and how they degrade over time, providing critical guidance to engineer long-lasting and high-performing commercial solar cells.

Professor Stranks offered a few words on his achievement:

"Our group's research aims to make a real difference on global challenges such as climate change by developing next-generation solar cell, lighting and detector technologies. It was a great honour for our group's work to be recognised in the Blavatnik Awards for this work!"

Unlike awards that honour scientists late in their careers, the Blavatnik Awards aim to identify and encourage promising young scientists early in their careers, when they are less likely to receive funding and recognition from other awarding bodies.

Update: (06/03/2024)

Professor Stranks gave a talk at the Blavatnik Award ceremony discussing his research and invited a video crew to CEB to film a short profile on him and his work. You can find the video below:

Video Credit: The New York Academy of Sciences