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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Photographs taken by Weerapong Phadungsukanan and Richard West at annual M.Phil. ACE dinners.

"The pace of this one-year course is hard and fast. We expect M.Phil. ACE students to manage their time effectively in order to deliver top quality material day-in, day-out. As well as being first class undergraduates, our students are very committed and highly motivated, who attack challenges thrown up by the course with vigour and determination."

Dr Sarah Rough
Programme Manager




“What a wonderful year! The M.Phil. in ACE provides a fantastic opportunity for graduate engineers to broaden their skill set and engage with content outside of the traditional chemical engineering domain. The cross-disciplinary nature of the research and course-work undertaken allows participants to gain exposure to cutting edge science, technology and engineering principles that might otherwise be absent in a Chemical Engineering course. These technical credentials of the M.Phil. in ACE are complemented by an engagement in political, social and commercial dimensions of modern applied sciences, borne in part from involvement with other faculties and the diversity of scholarship exchanged in the college parlour. Overall, it has been a most enriching personal experience that will prove very difficult to forget.”

Nick Smith
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2008), Monash University


“The Cambridge M.Phil. in ACE was for me a very rich and eye-opening experience, both from an educational and sociable point of view. On one hand, this is a very well-rounded program, combining high-quality education and relevant experiences. Its flexible structure and the variety of modules it offers (both scientific and managerial) permits to orientate the course toward our interests and future career paths. The projects allow us to apply both the commercial and scientific knowledge that we have acquired during the course and to improve our team working and communication skills. On the other hand, it mixes students from all over the world and it enables them to take advantage of the unique environment of Cambridge. To summarise, this is a very complete and enriching education in all perspectives.”

Pascale Blanc-Lapierre
M.Sc. (2008), L’École Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielle de Paris


“The M.Phil. in ACE is a comprehensively tailored program that allows you to gain a wealth of knowledge in both the technical and commercial fronts. The exposure from the course was not only limited to rigorous class-room learning, but it also included projects that allowed me to develop an array of durable and transferable skills that I believe will come in very handy upon my return to industry. Overall, the calibre of people, the historical city, the world-class facilities, and the demanding nature of the course meant that my time here at Cambridge was nothing short of a memorable one. It has been a truly worthwhile experience, one that has complemented my previous experience in industry to a very large extent.”

El-Yakub Audu
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2006), University of Nottingham

“One of the main strengths of the M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering is the diversity of its subject range. A great amount of diversity is seen even among the technical modules, which range from fluid mechanics to sustainable engineering. The research project gives students the opportunity to work on exciting research taking place within various fields in the Department. The course has advanced my technical knowledge and given me management skills, which are readily applicable in a work environment. Additionally, Cambridge provides a great atmosphere to live and study in. I have made some really good friends from all over the world in my time here.”

Pratichi Chatterjee
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2006), University of Wales, Swansea


“The M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering provides a flexible program, grounded in the fundamentals of chemical engineering, from which to pursue a diverse range of interests in business, engineering and research. The program exposes scientists to the fundamentals of business management and entrepreneurship, while broadening their basic science and engineering knowledge. The research project gave me the opportunity to conduct novel work under excellent mentorship. Perhaps the most important lesson from my time at Cambridge was learned in the lab, namely how to be a good scientist and conduct meaningful, methodical, and high-caliber research. My experiences at Cambridge have broadened my understanding of the business and research worlds, and provided a sound and invaluable foundation from which to pursue training as a medical scientist (MD/PhD).”

Simon Gray
B.S. Chemical Engineering (2008), University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“My experience in Cambridge can be summarised in three parts. Firstly, I received a first class education, encompassing science, engineering, accounting and management. My team-working, reporting and presentation skills were also greatly developed. Secondly, I had a fantastic social experience. The college bops and formals made sure that my stay in Cambridge was balanced by almost as much play as work. My religious need was also well catered for. Thirdly, and most importantly, I learnt to think innovatively. I developed a desire to produce something like nothing experienced or created before. Now, I neither want to read within the lines nor outside them, but I, like others who have walked this city before me, want to create new lines. In retrospect, I can confidently say that my Advanced Chemical Engineering M.Phil. year has been my best academic year so far. Like a fellow Cantabrigian and Akokite once said, it is an experience I will never recover from.”

Olakunle Joseph Dosumu
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2007), University of Lagos





“For me, the experience of the M.Phil. in ACE has been very meaningful in many ways. I found the course to be fast-paced, challenging, and yet flexible. The modules offered in this program were all very interesting, both in technical and managerial subjects, and have broadened my core engineering background. This course has given me invaluable experience in working on real industrial problems, whilst doing my research project in collaboration with Kraft Foods. In addition, the faculty and staff in the Department are very friendly and always willing to help. Cambridge itself is very pretty and conducive for studying. It is also very international and it has given me the opportunity to interact with fellow students and friends from all around the world on a daily basis. The uniqueness of the program and the charm of Cambridge itself have made this year absolutely memorable for me. All in all, I have really enjoyed it.”

Astari Merati
B.S. Chemical Engineering (2006), Institut Teknologi Bandung

“The M.Phil. in ACE is a well structured, fast-paced and challenging programme which brings together the best students from diverse nationalities and backgrounds to make an intellectually stimulating and culturally rich class in this top-notch university. The atmosphere here in Cambridge is second to none, with well qualified staff that are always willing to help, excellent teaching and research facilities and the beautiful city with all its magnificent buildings. With taught modules such as sustainable energy, strategy, business economics, technology and management, together with core chemical engineering subjects, the course offers a good balance for those wishing to remain in academia or proceed to the industries. The course has really furnished me with an invaluable experience from producing quality course works through to my research project involving collaboration with Huntsman. I have found the M.Phil. in ACE really exhilarating and for those who love challenges, I have no doubt that you will also find the course very exciting. Coming to Cambridge at a time when the university celebrates her 800 years anniversary added extra glamour to my experience, making it all-in-all a very wonderful time for me here.”

Samson Aworinde
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2008), University of Lagos



"The M.Phil. in ACE is the perfect course for those people who want to explore more in the field of chemical technology. The flexible structure allows students to tailor their course to be technically or commercially oriented. From my experience, this course certainly opened my eyes on the commercial side of the chemical technology industry. I was completely thrilled and inspired by those great lecturers and supervisors, who are passionate about the technologies as well as the strategies of commercialising. This course certainly has significant influences on the decision of my career path. I have become very keen on the innovation of technology, especially that of renewable chemical technologies. Apart from being academically superb, this course is also internationally diverse in nature. As a person who is very keen on different cultures, I found this course particularly attractive. The international diversity allowed me not only to learn more about different cultures, but also to improve my team working, leadership and effective communication skills. This M.Phil. has been a remarkable experience for me, and the year was very memorable. I really enjoyed it."

Jiahua Wang
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2007), University of Birmingham

"The specificity of this Master's course, bridging scientific knowledge and the various aspects of its applications, makes for a unique experience which I believe is most relevant in today's world. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity of pursuing a top notch scientific education while at the same time being able to explore related innovation management and economic issues. The combination of the taught modules and the research project works out perfectly. On top of that, the unique environment of Cambridge is also a major asset which contributed to the many rewards of this year. All in all, the Cambridge M.Phil. in ACE has proved far beyond my expectations, both from an educational and a social point of view; and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in doing a Master's in this field."

Jean Hélie
B.Sc. Engineering (2007), Ecole Centrale de Lyon


"One year in Cambridge has been the best year and also an eye-opening experience in my life. The combination of both chemical engineering and business modules encouraged me to pursue a career beyond traditional chemical engineering. The international nature of the course has taught me what diversity truly means through daily interactions with the best people from all around the world. Moreover, Cambridge itself offers tremendous opportunities for me to develop my entrepreneurship interest through many high calibre activities. I believe that the Cambridge experience through this program will be an experience you can't find elsewhere."

Wina Tjen
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2007), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"The M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering is perfectly designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge to apply the new advances and technologies of Chemical Engineering to the business world. Personally, this year has been the most challenging but also the most rewarding of my life. The M.Phil. has been the perfect combination of people, knowledge and sharing of experiences, and all based in this idyllic town called Cambridge."

Bruno Calo Fernández
M.Eng. Chemical Engineering and M.Sci. Chemistry (2005), Universidad de Santiago de Compostela


"For any student willing to broaden his or her horizon in the field of chemical engineering and far beyond, I would recommend Cambridge's M.Phil. in ACE without hesitation. It combines the academic excellence and hands-on science Cambridge is famous for, with the opportunity to study all other aspects of the development of technology. The program gathers students from all around the world. Working with them, living with them, is a truly enriching professional and personal experience."

Simon Schalit
B.Sc. Engineering (2007), École Polytechnique, Palaiseau Cedex

"The Cambridge education system, and in particular the M.Phil. in ACE, brings out the best in its students, developing our core technical expertise and competence via the technical modules, exposing us to the world of strategic management and critical thought processes involved in business, and facilitating the development of our social networking and interaction skills via the Cambridge way of life. I truly feel like I've been given the opportunity to develop myself into a well-rounded individual in a system that places emphasis on technical excellence and self-development. The international diversity in the M.Phil. programme allows engineers from all walks of life around the world to aggregate, share experiences and perspectives in life; the lessons that I have drawn from my interactions with my course mates have equipped me with the necessary skills to understand the complexities involved in different cultures, race and religion thus allowing me to apply myself in an increasingly global and complex world."

Muhammad Helmi Khaswan
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2007), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Singapore Armed Forces Military Officer


"One of the best things about the MPhil in ACE course is the flexibility that it offers in terms of choosing future career paths. The course is very well-rounded, and has allowed us to develop not only our technical competencies, but has provided us with a strong background of different aspects of management. The projects that we carry out in the department enable us to experience both the industrial world and the academic atmosphere. The faculty and staff are very friendly and co-operative, and I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This year has been absolutely fascinating for me!"

Shraddha Shekar
B.Tech. Chemical Engineering (2006), National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

"The M.Phil. in ACE is a well structured course with a diverse range of modules, which allows students to pursue their interests in business management, sustainable engineering, or fundamental chemical engineering. The work covered in the course has broadened my horizons and taught me how to approach problem solving from different perspectives. This experience has not only equipped me with technical knowledge and skills, but also taught me life skills that are invaluable in any environment."

Christie Dorfling
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2005), University of Stellenbosch


"The great thing about my experience in the M.Phil. in ACE is that it has been so meaningful on many levels. First of all, the advanced chemical engineering modules have really broadened my core engineering background. Additionally, the business modules have given me a firm grasp on the integration of engineers into the business atmosphere. But perhaps what I will cherish most about this course is its international nature, not only in an academic sense but also socially and culturally. The opportunity to meet and interact with fellow students, faculty and friends from all over the world on a daily basis is something I will never forget. It is what has made this course a truly exhilarating life experience that I am quite certain will prove invaluable in enhancing my effectiveness as a professional in today's global marketplace."

Ross Kozarsky
B.S. Chemical Engineering (2007), Princeton University, New Jersey

"As a Process Engineer, the M.Phil. in ACE is a great opportunity for me to explore new areas such as business, consulting and entrepreneurship while reinforcing my previous background with interesting courses and projects. From working with a small start-up company, to researching biodiesel, to working with GlaxoSmithKline, it has a bit of everything. On a more personal note, I find the staff and classmates to be very friendly and professional, and life in Cambridge an experience in itself."

Alejandro Velez
B.Sc. Process Engineering (2006), EAFIT University, Medellin


"The best thing about the M.Phil. course is the diversity of challenges I'm coming across, from making crude oil emulsions in my research project to working in a team as a consultant for Kodak European Research. The teachers and staff are very friendly and the most amazing thing is having 12 classmates from 12 different countries. I can't really ask for more fun, challenges and diversity than this in one year."

Muhammad Zubair Bandgi Jhandeer
B.Eng. Biochemical Engineering (2006), University of Wales, Swansea

"In addition to its challenging engineering and management taught modules, research project and industrial collaboration, the M.Phil. in ACE is about the great opportunity it provides to meet a diversity of exceptional people and to live in an academically dynamic environment. This one year has broadened my horizons considerably through communication and interaction with people from a variety of countries and a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds. From punting on the River Cam to attending Formal Hall, from visiting King's College in the snow to walking in Granchester in the spring, Cambridge for me is full of colourful, memorable and truly wonderful experiences."

Khooi Yeei Tan
B.Eng. Chemical-Bioprocess Engineering (2003), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Khooi Yeei

"The M.Phil. in ACE's uniqueness in combining theory and practicals in business, management, computer programming and core chemical engineering modules makes it comparable to none. Embedded inside magnificent old architectural buildings are the very modern facilities, outstanding lecturers and most importantly efficient administrators who make sure all the aims of the program are achieved. ACE assembles some of the best brains all over the world: to integrate and share knowledge and improve one's acumen in all sorts of relevant information worldwide. I believe this is one of the best graduate chemical engineering programs for students who either want to remain in academia or go into virtually any industry."

Anthony Dede-Benefor
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2005), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi

"Well balanced course, great people, and fantastic environment. The M.Phil. in ACE is 'the' course for real Chemical Engineers, since it provides a unique combination of educational advantages in both aspects of Advanced Chemical Engineering and business. I was intellectually stimulated throughout this highly demanding and challenging course, but that is the exciting part of studying in Cambridge. I have met so many like-minded people with whom I was able to share my experience in this magnificent and yet peaceful town of Cambridge. Taking all of these things into account, I can confidently say that I truly had one of the greatest times of my life in Cambridge."

Kyung Min Song
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2006), University of Nottingham


"The M.Phil. course has been challenging and is not for the faint of heart. However, after the candles have been burnt, the results would leave you wanting more. The people are what make this course exciting. The interaction with different nationalities, all top students in their respective countries, makes for a dynamic and intellectually stimulating group. Pizza nights are the best, so if it's fun and a good qualification you seek, this is the right course."

Gabriel Obaje
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2006), University of Wales, Swansea

"One of the highlights of the M.Phil. course was the broad spectrum of learning fields covered. The technical and academic experiences of the taught modules provided an excellent base for industrial collaborative work. Cambridge as a town offers a great student life - it has an energy about it that is found little elsewhere."

Jon Stockton
B.S. Chemistry (2006), United States Naval Academy


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the year's stay on the M.Phil. course in Cambridge. The high quality of research being carried out here along with the esteemed group of well-qualified faculty members has made studying in such an environment a rewarding and enriching experience. Not only does the course stick to core chemical engineering subjects but also gives you a chance to develop business/entrepreneurial skills through electives, which is an ideal combination for anyone looking for a job post-Cambridge."

Abishek Bhat
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2003), Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum, Karnataka


"I have greatly enjoyed my time here, the ACE course was enlightening, broadening and, truthfully, very exhausting. Learning to commercially apply my technical knowledge was for me a ground breaking experience which will, in days to come, steer the course of my career. What is more ? I deeply relish my time in Cambridge in terms of the people, the facilities and the immeasurable opportunities available here ... in fact, this is an experience I will not recover from ... never ever !"

Oluwaseun Adedoyin Olowojebutu
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2006), University of Lagos

"The M.Phil. in ACE not only provides me with advanced engineering theories and acts as a stiff bridge to my Ph.D., but it also prepares me as an academic with relevant engineering practice experience. Additionally, I am trained to become a successful businessman and manager. With this gain in knowledge and training I am becoming a 'multi-tasking' person, and I stand a chance to be an 'all-in-one' in the future. Life in Cambridge itself is a wonderful experience. Surrounded by impressive and magnificent architectural buildings with beautiful scenery and rivers, it's a childhood dream come true !"

Luqman Baharudin
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2004), Universiti Malaya


"I have had an absolute blast this year. Cambridge is a great little city with the University offering tonnes of opportunities, rowing being my favourite. The M.Phil. course has managed to combine chemical engineering with business skills very effectively; exactly what I was hoping to achieve from my time at CU."

Brendan Wilmot
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2004), University of Cape Town

"This unique programme, which provides a menu of engineering and business modules, has offered me the entrepreneurial skill in translating typical engineering technologies into a thriving business. I have been equipped to survive and make great impact in both industrial and academic sectors. Aside the exceptional nature of the course, the serenity of Cambridge, with its historic architecture and beautiful natural surroundings, supported my decision in applying to the University of Cambridge, and I have not regretted it. It has been an academically compact year, filled with great opportunities and exciting memories !"

Yaa Serwaah Amoah
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2004), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Yaa Serwaah

"The M.Phil. in ACE is definitely a great opportunity for learning. It has not only satisfied my appetite for academic pursuit, but also expanded it further by opening up my business mind, equipping me well in the technical aspects, and revealing the horizons of forefront research."

Danu Suwatchara
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (2005), University of Nottingham

"In addition to the academic excellence of its instruction, the M.Phil. course provides the unique opportunity to apply its joint scientific and business training in a real-world setting. I have had the chance to implement the latest analytic and modeling tools in chemical engineering during the research dissertation, and I have gained experience implementing business strategy. The program is a lot of work, but within the space of just one year I have significantly expanded my skill set and opened many doors internationally for further academic work and employment. Living in Cambridge is in itself an amazing experience. Every building is a piece of history, and the rich traditions - from the clubs and societies of the University to the extravagant balls and events of the colleges - make you feel a part of it."

Michael Axelgaard
B.Sc. Bioengineering (2003), University of California, Berkeley


"The M.Phil. programme is a very comprehensive course for chemical engineers and I have found it extremely useful. I am quite impressed by the way the programme is structured which, in spite of the demanding nature of the course, enables you to face the challenges. Unlike some of my colleagues here I didn't have much industrial experience before coming to Cambridge, but by participating in group projects with more experienced members I have acquired very useful problem-solving skills."

Sunday Omowunmi
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2005), University of Lagos

"Aside from the life in Cambridge and the opportunities provided by the University and the Chemical Engineering Department, I enrolled in the M.Phil. in ACE looking for different perspectives in what to do after the course. This M.Phil. provides insight to multiple career paths: engineering, academic life, consulting, among others, and has helped me decide what to do afterwards. One of the aspects I enjoyed the most was the interaction with bright, disciplined, funny, professional, creative, friendly and culturally diverse people from the course. The M.Phil. in ACE is so well rounded that it will definitely contribute to your professional and personal development in whatever enterprise you decide to undertake."

Diego Cortina
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Universidad Iberoamericana