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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


The rationale of the course is to enhance the attractiveness to employers of highly capable engineers and scientists. Courses of this type have been shown to make alumni highly appealing to industry, government and academia.

discussionThe objectives of the course are to:

  1. provide students with advanced technical skills in Chemical Engineering that will enable them to (a) translate fundamental discoveries in life sciences, materials and other high technology areas to commercial exploitation, and (b) adapt readily to the challenges presented in a diverse range of industrial sectors that can benefit from process engineering approaches;
  2. enable students to solve problems within a technical environment, particularly with regard to problem definition, team-working, organisation and delivery of objectives within the constraints imposed by the time and information available;
  3. provide students with engineering administration skills, such as reorganisation of existing company structures and technology licensing, together with the requisite knowledge of raising capital, financing, marketing, environmental legislation and sustainability; and
  4. provide training in research, such that students are able to define, organise and undertake a research project within a specified period of time and to report it in an acceptable manner.

The deployment of technology by business, industry and government is increasingly bound up with complex economic, socio-political, regulatory, administrative and environmental issues. There is thus a need to provide engineers and scientists with the knowledge and skills required to provide competent leadership in the constructive development and assembly of technology.


"The M.Phil. in ACE gives students a business perspective into engineering research. The course is set in a very stimulating environment, both inside the programme, where other M.Phil. students create a great study atmosphere, and outside it, where the University and its college system provide a unique experience. The course and my year here exceeded my expectations at every level."

Ricardo Guraieb Chahín, B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (2007), Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey