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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


The MPhil in Biotechnology puts together a group of highly capable and motivated students from a range of academic and career backgrounds, from all over the world. Many wish to merge their expertise in engineering, physics, chemistry, maths or computer sciences with biotechnology. Others have research and/or employment experience in the bioscience sector. They all are committed to become highly regarded players in biotechnology research and industry. The class size varies from year to year but is typically between 14 and 18 students.

Diversity at entry and a very interdisciplinary programme mean even more diversity at departure – since they left the MPhil in Biotechnology, our alumni have been pursuing a very wide range of careers in academia, large multinationals, small start-ups or the consultancy sector, among others.

Alumni benefits

As a University of Cambridge alumnus/a you will be entitled to a range of benefits, such as the official alumni card that instantly identifies you as a member of the University (CAMCard), a free email for life exclusive for our graduates, and access for life to our Careers Service.

The CEB Alumni Relations  team works at the CEB level to further promote the connection between the Department, its current members and its alumni.

As part of your learning experience with us, you will also become a member of our own MPhil in Biotechnology Alumni Network. We value alumni as an important part of the growing MPhil in Biotechnology community. After you leave the programme, we would like to keep hearing from you, and we hope you will continue involved in our community, follow CEB’s achievements, participate in our activities, share your experiences, support future programme editions and inspire the new students. We also hope that the MPhil in Biotechnology Alumni Network will help you keeping in contact with your classmates as well as extend your professional network.


Maxime Crabé

France, Class of 2018-2019

"I decided to apply for the MPhil in Biotechnology because of its broad range of electives, close connections with the industry, and to live the Cambridge experience!

"The course made me discover how broad the field of biotechnology actually is, and how diverse your career possibilities are. Working in an academic lab or becoming an entrepreneur are two very different career plans that appeal to me, and this MPhil gave me an exposure to both of them.

"The most enjoyable part of the MPhil was my individual research project. I was fully integrated within my team, the Bionano Engineering Group of Dr Ljiljana Fruk, and received all the support I needed to carry out my own research project.

"Throughout the course I had the opportunity to meet a lot of enthusiastic and passionate researchers working in different academic or industrial labs. I might come back to Cambridge to work with some of them in the years to come!

"I am now working as a strategy consultant for the biotech/pharmaceutical industry and thus advising executives on high-level decisions covering a broad range of issues. For instance, projects I have been working on include the development of a 5-year business plan for a company developing software-assisted genetic diagnoses for precision medicine, the optimisation of a big pharma's R&D productivity, and the preparation of the commercial launch of a new cancer treatment. With its balance between scientific and business-oriented electives, the MPhil in Biotechnology definitely equipped me with all of the necessary knowledge I need in my daily practice!"


Lynne Mooradian

US, Class of 2020-2021

"As a US citizen and recent graduate of the United States Military Academy, I was granted the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in the UK for two years as a Marshall Scholar. As a commissioned officer in the US Army, I was motivated to join the MPhil in Biotechnology because of my interest in synthetic biology and its implications on biosecurity.

"I was particularly impressed by the programme’s focus on the most cutting-edge aspects of synthetic biology and biotechnology, as well as the comprehensive education provided by a half-taught, half-research approach.

"Although moving to Cambridge from the US amid a global pandemic was a jarring and challenging experience, my time in the programme and at Cambridge in general has been incredibly fulfilling. The University has impressed me with its dedication to the support of its students, diversity, academic excellence, and the pursuit of knowledge. The city of Cambridge is vibrant and varied with beautiful and serene green spaces, excellent pubs and restaurants, and a bustling city centre.

"Altogether, my time at Cambridge and in the MPhil has been a rich and rewarding experience.

"Following my completion of the MPhil in Biotechnology, I will go on to read for an MSc in Science and Technology in Society at the University of Edinburgh. After the completion of my two years of graduate study in the UK, I will then return to the US to serve as an officer in the US Army."


Ido Ben-zvi

Israel, Class of 2020-2021

"Following my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, I wanted to learn how to apply my knowledge for the greater benefit of society. After encountering the MPhil in Biotechnology programme, I decided it was the best option for me to achieve that goal.

"The programme allowed me to use my computer science background for various applications within the biotechnology field, providing me with the required knowledge to do so effectively. In my research project I worked on modelling bacterial dynamics computationally, whereas in the Healthcare Biotechnology course I explored the effects of digital health on bipolar disorder. The best aspect of the programme is the freedom to tailor the degree to your specific background and interests.

"Outside of the classroom, I thoroughly enjoyed college life in Cambridge, representing the university in basketball, and life in the city itself. Upon finishing the programme, I will be looking to work in the biotechnology industry."


Class of 2020/21