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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


The business management elements of the programme provide a foundation in the management of technology and innovation, illustrated with examples from the extremes of working in a large corporate environment to setting up a new enterprise. Also addressed are intellectual property rights, patenting, professional codes of practice and the establishment of appropriate economic, legal and social frameworks, which are key issues to consider during the development of new bioscience products.

Healthcare Economics         Consultancy Project

Healthcare Economics

The economic pressures within the healthcare sector are intense and ensuring a balance between the drivers of cost effectiveness, profit and patient satisfaction seems at times unachievable. Providers are increasingly focusing on ways to curb drug budgets, whilst striving to maintain the delivery of effective healthcare. Pharmaceutical companies require a return on investment from current and future drugs, to compensate for the high cost of product development and relatively short patent life. Patients are better informed than at any time in the past and with their role as purchasers increasing and the use of cost-sharing and consumer-driven health plans gaining momentum, traditional marketing tools are no longer enough. Students learn that the life sciences sector must prepare for a future with a new customer focus, where consumer funds are split between a host of other priorities including competing brands, generics, OTC products and non-healthcare goods and services.

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Consultancy Project

Students work in teams under the supervision by a faculty member on a real company consultancy problem. Students gain first-hand experience of the reality of innovation, project management and entrepreneurship and develop analytical skills in a real-world context. This practical dimension affords students the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams and to build a network of contacts within the Cambridge technology community.

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