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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology



The Joint Steering Committee is responsible for overall direction of the CEB-MedImmune collaboration, and project management is addressed at bimonthly meetings of the Joint Management Committee.


Joint Steering Committee

Paul Varley (Chair, MedImmune)
Tristan Vaughan
Philip Oliver
Nigel Slater (Chair, CEB),
Steve Oliver
Clemens Kaminski


Joint Management Committee

Chris van de Walle, Principal Scientist at MedImmune (Chair)


Steve Bishop,
Ron Schoner
Jose Casas-Finet
Ray Field
Richard Turner
Marcel Kuiper
Dan Higazi
Axel Zeitler (Chair, CEB)
Graham Christie
Mick Mantle
Chris Lowe
Eric ReesUniversity Lecturer in Quantitative Imaging