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Public Actions/Press

We like to talk about our work to non-experts and sometimes journalist and bloggers even like our work and write about it. That (not only that, of course: we do have fun in the lab, see welcome page) makes us happy. It is also great to talk about science to the public and maybe inspire a new generation of scientists... or science fiction writers.



 Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia is showing the exhibition based on our work on Molecules That Changed the World and nanotechnology. It opens to the public on 1.06 and will go on till 23.10. 2016.

The accompanying app is available in English, German and Croatian from GooglePlay and iTunes Store and gives interesting information on the history of the chosen molecules, their structures and significance. 

Some photos can be found here 


Alien Mothership: From Nanoparticles to Molecular Aesthetics.

RSC Chemistry World blog on how and image can turn into an alien mothership picture. 


Applied Physics Letters paper (2011) attracted lots of public attention. It seems that the use of biomaterials such as DNA-surfactant films in electronics always makes science look a bit more like a science fiction. Salmon sperm DNA was used to design write- once-read-many times memory device but no, we are still not going to replace the CDs with the fish inspired memory sticks! article


Wikipedia Best of Science 2012: A team of engineers and biologists develop a working WORM computer memory out of salmon DNA molecules by combining the DNA with silver nanoparticles



Our work on Nano Calendar and art-science interface was featured in Chemistry World Art Theme Issue 2015, in the article Unwitting Artists by Jennifer Newton.


Radio Shows on Molecular Music


Interesting shows by Monika Kursawe on how the molecular vibrations can be turned into music (in German):

Molekuläre Musik and Der Klang der Polysaccharide