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koje su promijenile svijet

(25 Molecules that changed the world)

Published by Artresor Naklada, Zagreb, the book is a compilation of 25 molecules, which we believe, have influenced the science, our culture, social and political trends. The book features 3D prints of the molecules, which can be fully enjoyed using enclosed 3D glasses.

The short story of each molecule is written in two sections, one intended for kids age 6-13, and another for playful adults. 

Molecular Aesthetics, MIT Press 2013

 Thanks to the recent advances in molecular science and nanotechnology, we are now able to transcend the limits of natural perception and see layers of matter previously invisible to the naked eye. This book documents both the aesthetics and cognitive developments in, what Felix Guattari once called, Molecular Revolution. Within this book artists and scientists jointly explore ways in which science and art draw the inspiration from each other and merge on a molecular level. 

Book Reviews:

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Novel Approaches for Single Molecule Activation and Detection,

Springer 2014


How can we obtain tools capable to process and exchange information at the molecular scale? In order to do this, it is necessary to activate and detect single molecules under controlled conditions. This book focuses on the generation of biologically inspired molecular devices prepared using new photonic tools able to activate and stimulate single molecules. Such combination of advanced tools and biological systems could open new routes to molecular computation in biological environments.