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Chemical Tools for Materials Engineering

We are designing various multifunctional linkers that act as a chemical glue at the interface of inorganic and biomolecular. Linkers contain surface anchoring group, which has specificity for binding onto certain materials and can be employed for modification of nanostructured or planar surfaces, and additional functional group(s) for further addition of different molecules (clickable groups, which can be covalently attached without the use of additional catalysts and in aqueous solutions are our favourite).


Catechol linkers for modification of titanium dioxide and copper nanoparticles 

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   Benzotriazole linkers for biofunctionalisation of silver nanoparticles

             C. Cheng, RSC Adv. 2013



Trifunctional linkers to allow immobilisation of two different biological species onto gold nanoparticles ( artificial enzyme design)

                                                               D. Kendziora et al., RSC Advances 2014