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Functional Hybrid Materials

Range of materials that combine two or more different elements such as TiO2-Au composite, which can be used as potent photocatalysts, or biopolymer nanocomposites with covalently embedded nanoparticles for drug delivery and tissue engineering.



Gold nanoparticles were attached to titanium dioxide nanostructured material using bifunctional linker resulting in a potent photocatalyst, which can be activated by visible light.

The image  on the left was featured on the cover of Adv. Func. Mater. and it is coloured TEM image, showing bright Au NP spots on darker TiO2 material.

 M. Miljevic et. al., Adv. Func. Mater. 2014. 


More on the materials and potential applications

in Decoded Science blog.




Bionanocomposite materials are made using nanoparticles as covalent cross-linkers for modified gelatin polymerisation. Such polymers had remarkable rheological properties simillar to some natural tissues and could be used in bioengineering and in addition, as we demonstrated, for drug delivery/release.

This work is done in collaboration with the group of Nagore Gabilondo from San Sebastian University, Spain.

C. Garcia-Astrain et al, Biomacromol. 2015.

C. Garcia-Astrain et al, RSC Adv. 2015