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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Introduction to the BioScience Engineering Group

The BioScience Engineering Group at The University of Cambridge is led by Prof. Nigel Slater. The group consists of researchers from a broad range of backgrounds spanning the life and physical sciences. The main focus of the group is the development of novel strategies for the manufacture, formulation and delivery of therapeutics. Currently, researchers are investigating targeted delivery strategies for DNA and viral therapeutics using a range of novel strategies, the improvement of the long term stability of biopharmaceuticals by lyophilisation and new affinity methods for their purification. 

Research by Krishnaa Mahbubani, Alexander Edwards and Professor Nigel Slater from this group has shown that a material called bile-acid adsorbing resins (BARs) can be used to protect bacteria from the destructive effects of bile in the small intestine. BAR is mixed with dried bacteria in a capsule that can be swallowed. The movement of bile into the capsule is held back by the resin long enough for water to rehydrate the bacteria, before the capsule finally breaks open, enabling the bacteria to survive.