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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Analytical biotechnology is a key research sector for the future innovation in bioelectronic component materials; smart analytical and functional reagents; bio-imaging technologies; post genomics and interactomics; miniaturisation of analytical methods; environmental monitoring; diagnostics and personalised medicine and bio and chemical security.

“Understanding of how biology can be interfaced with electronic, mechanical and optical systems and the development of new instrumentation or techniques to answer fundamental and applied questions concerning new biological measurement regimes” is a priority for research to provide new biofunctional materials and conquer challenges concerned with analysis and diagnosis and bioelectronics. Applications are highlighted by almost every initiative for health, environment, energy, security and quality of life in all parts of the world.

The main umbrella of research in the Analytical Biotechnology Group is in heterogeneous analytical systems, with a primary but not exclusive focus on molecular sensors, the latter including both chemical and biological systems.

The activities are concerned with interfacing these systems and/or principles of mechanism and action, with transduction technologies to achieve diagnostic devices and monitoring capability.

This research is directed towards environmental, medical and industrial application, with the group pro-active in responding to and advising industry of existing capability and future direction.

The research project base is designed to achieve a necessary balance between fundamental investigation (blue skies research) and precompetitive application-orientated collaboration with industry. Industrially sponsored research is organised to achieve a truly collaborative format, with active input from all partners and 2-way exchange of expertise, intellectual and commercial invention and development.

Group Leader

Prof. Elizabeth (Lisa) A H Hall

Director of Cam-bridge-Sens