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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology



Investigating redox kinetics of SrFeO3-δ. Another paper out in the world.

This is a second paper from Richard Goerke's Ph.D. thesis. Here, we determined kinetic parameters for SrFeO3-based perovskites. It is the first study, in which the dependence between pO2, non-stoichiometry of perovskite (δ), and the temperature is experimentally investigated. The paper is linked here.



Andras and Thomas' paper in Combustion and Flame is out!

These guys did a great job during their IIB project with us. Both are now working as chemical engineers! Congrats about the paper and about your new careers!

Free access link is here. In this paper, we describe how to determine important parameters for biomass and char (obtained after pyrolysis of biomass). Only by getting the parameters, such as thermal conductivity, right, can we model the energy conversion of biomass correctly.


Samuel around the globe: now in Beijing, China

Samuel Gabra has been invited to a Graduate Conference at the Tshigua University in China. Samuel received a full scholarship for this, being selected as the only Ph.D. student from Cambridge. We have no pictures of him in China just yet, so the readers just need to believe this news.


Samuel at a conference in the US

Samuel Gabra is presenting his research at the AIChE Conference

in Orlando, US. This year the theme is "Transforming the Future through Chemical Engineering".

On Wednesday, Nov 13, Samuel will be presenting a paper titled: "MoVNbTeO for Chemical Looping - Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethan", co-authored with Dr S.A. Scott, G. Williams, S. Poulston, Prof. J.S. Dennis. The session will be in a Regency Ballroom!





The Combustion group gets bigger

Welcome two new Ph.D. students, Thomas and Ben!

In October, Thomas Z. Sun and Ben Houlton have joined our group. Both will be working on chemical looping. Good luck with your Ph.D. and welcome!