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vacancy1We are always happy to have new members join our group.

The Group works on a broad spectrum of industrial and environmental research projects in the following areas:

  •  Modelling of turbulent plumes and jets with chemical reaction and/or phase change
  •  CO2 sequestration in porous geological structures
  •  Buoyancy effects in combustion processes
  •  Convection, diffusion and chemical reaction in porous catalysts
  •  Pollutant migration in soil
  •  Modelling fluid flows with reaction and/or phase change
  •  Developing new analytical models
  •  Modelling natural convection in cool flames
  •  CFD


Our research approach combines modern mathematical methods, computational modelling and laboratory experiments.

Applying to become a PhD student with us

If you are interested in the above research areas, you should submit an application. Early submission of the application forms is strongly recommended. Information on the application procedure is available in the websites of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Board of Graduate Studies. The application forms can be obtained online.


vacancy2Funding opportunities

UK and EU students

Research council studentships are normally available to work in any of the above areas. These are awarded by the Department on a competitive basis; you will need to have an excellent academic record to secure one of these awards. EU applicants who are not UK residents should note that these studentships will normally pay for University and College fees, but not for maintenance costs (i.e. the costs of accommodation, subsistence and other living expenses).

Overseas students

Overseas students should apply for funding from their home countries, as well as consider the various grants offered by the University and Colleges (e.g., Overseas Research Studentship (ORS) Awards Scheme, the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust (CCT), Gates Cambridge Trust, College awards); further details are available in the Graduate Student Admissions Prospectus.

Further questions on the application procedure and funding should be addressed to the Departmental Administrator, Mrs Amanda Taylor (at481(at), and copied to me (sssc1(at)