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Healthcare Biotechnology group

The Healthcare Biotechnology group is led by Prof. Christopher R. Lowe and based at the Institute of Biotechnology.

The principal focus of our research programme over the last 40 years has been the high value - low volume sectors of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and diagnostics. The work is characterised by not only being highly inter- and multi-disciplinary and covering aspects of biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, electrochemistry, physics, electronics and chemical engineering, but also covering the entire range from pure science to strategic applied science, some of which has significant commercial applications.

The principal areas of expertise are downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals and biosensors and diagnostics.


We have extensive collaborations within Cambridge, in the UK and Overseas and we are open for further collaborations in all of the above mentioned areas.

A number of companies have spun-out of these reasearch programs such as: Prometics, Smart Holograms, Cambridge Sensors Ltd and Paramata Ltd.