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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Researchers at the CEB have access to the following shared research facilities: Tissue culture/Preparative centrifugation room/Core Bio-Facility.

External Core Research Facilities

Research facilities and equipment searchable database the database holds details of over 60 Facilities and 2400 individual items of equipment available within Cambridge, and access to over 230 facilities across the partnership institutions of Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Imperial and Southampton

List of available Biotech core facilities at the University of Cambridge (UCAM) & UK


 Addenbrooke’s core facilities (NHS/UCAM )

Mesoscale assays/biochemistry tests/Cytomic/Immuno-Plex assays/Transcriptomic/Stem cells


Flow cytometry (Dep of Pathology/UCAM)


Cambridge Centre for Proteomics (UCAM)


Stem Cell Institute Core Facilities (UCAM) including Cytometry.


human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSC) Core Facility (Department of Surgery/UCAM)


DNA Sequencing Facility (Dep of Biochem/UCAM)


Flow cytometry Core Facility (Dep of Medicine /UCAM)


Babraham core facilities & Training (Cambridge)

Mass spectrometry/Lipidomic/Cytomic/Imaging/Sequencing/Gene targeting.


UCL Core facilities

Proteomic (Label free and SRM)/Metabolomics/Lipidomic/Glycomic/GS-MS


UK core imaging facilities