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Tissue Culture and Preparative Ultra/Centrifuges Facilities


Tissue Culture Facilities (Rooms L3-10 & 11)

  • Tissue culture suites- CL2 cell/tissue culture laboratories
    • Separate primary culture (Room L3-10) and transformed cell lines suites (Room L3-11)
    • Class II bio-hoods (Two in Room L3-10 and four in Room L3-11) , CO2 incubators
    • General laboratories equipment (Centrifuges/Spectrophotometer/Microscopes/Balance/Rockers/Rollers etc..)
  • LiN2 cell bank, dry ice and clinical sample storage facilities (-80/-20 oC freezers) - Room L3-14


  • Human Tissue  Act; Home Office Guidelines
  • Health and Safety guidelines (e. g. Risk assessment)
  • SOPs


Preparative Ultra/Centrifuges (Room L3-16)

  • Two Lynx 4000 Ultracentrifuges
  • Beckman CL-90 Ultracentrifuge
  • Three refrigerated centrifuges (Heraeus/Beckman)



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