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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


By driving an imaginative combination of biological and medical science with electronics, materials science and process engineering, CEB is making some innovative progress in sustainable healthcare technologies.

An emphasis is placed on healthcare process development, and the enhancement of traditional engineering technologies linked with metrology innovations. Our objectives include the development of highly potent biological medicines with improved formulation and means of delivery, and designing world-leading technologies for diagnosis and monitoring purposes.

Our unique combination of research expertise has enabled novel methods of diagnosing and monitoring acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart attacks, and psychiatric disorders. We are active in improving the isolation and processing for pharmaceuticals and designing new strategies and materials, for example novel heart valves and innovative nipple guards for nursing mothers in HIV-endemic regions. 

Current research:

  • Novel pharmaceutical manufacturing strategies, often at the bio-interface
  • Defining simplified, sustainable, low-cost, purification strategies to reduce the overall cost of downstream processing
  • Improved extraction and isolation of natural materials of pharmaceutical importance
  • Novel vaccine delivery e.g. with live bacteria; within contrast agents 
  •  Quantitative multi-nuclear MRI techniques to quantify and visualise behaviour of controlled drug release systems
  • Defining the molecular basis of disease and integrating it with novel blood-based tests, for example schizophrenia associated with the development of novel tests to improve diagnosis and help to sub-stratify patient populations for novel drug interventions
  • Sensors and biosensors
  • Super-resolution imaging techniques