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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Metrology is key in addressing challenges of measurement and quantitative analysis of chemical and biochemical systems. Challenges in healthcare require new solutions in imaging and measurement and our skills are also central to investigations into structure-function relationships for catalysis and reaction engineering, and build on core understanding of chemical reactions and physical phenomena in designing sustainable new processes. 

The Department is home to the Measurement and Image Analysis Centre, the Laser Analytics Group and Cambridge Analytical Biotechnology and also the Magnetic Resonance Research Centre (MRRC). It leads ‘Cam-bridge-Sens’, the University strategic Network that brings together sensing activities across the University and it is active in promoting a sustainable healthcare model where the primary point of care will move towards the home, powered by technology for remote diagnosis and monitoring.

Current research:

  • Development of novel data acquisition techniques
  • Microstructural and composition data derived from MRI, Terahetz, X-ray and atomic force microscopy
  • Electrochemical, optical and acoustic sensors and biosensors
  • Development of high resolution microscopy techniques
  • Diagnosis through biomarker discovery
  • Analytical recognition ligand design and synthesis
  • Smart material design