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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


The Reaction Engineering Cluster is a network of CEB's leading academic researchers in the science of catalysis, adsorption, material design, reactor engineering, electrochemistry, reaction tomography, modeling, energy, sustainable engineering and combustion. The diverse range of research undertaken within the Cluster groups reflects the underpinning nature of Reaction Engineering specialism in chemical engineering. 

The discipline of reaction engineering traditionally looks at optimal reactor design for performing chemical or bio-chemical reactions. The Reaction Engineering Cluster @ Cambridge has unique strengths in NMR tomography, heterogeneous catalytic processes, combustion, micro-electrochemical engineering, micro-reactor engineering, design of materials and sustainability assessment. Our particular focus is on molecular and mechanistic understanding of chemical / biochemical reactions and physical processes within reactors, taking place under reaction conditions. 

The cluster is active in the Sustainable Reaction Engineering at the site. 


Specific topics and topic leaders