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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


modellingMathematical modelling has always been a core discipline within the department and encompasses a broad spectrum of research interests and academics. There are several groups at the forefront of developing novel modelling techniques in the fields of fluid mechanics, process optimization, biochemical interactions and reaction engineering. Successful code development has resulted in commercially licensed software, such as PsyData.


Our modelling capability allows us to gain fundamental insights into phenomena that underpin the other four, complementary, research themes in the department. These range from the simulation of complex chemical and biochemical reaction networks that provide mechanistic data for process optimisation and development, to lattice Boltzmann and finite element simulation of complex fluid flows, providing quantitative insight and comparison to experimentally measured systems. Recent research in this theme includes:

  • Prizewinning analytical modelling of fluid dynamics and transport processes
  • Stochastic modelling of nano-particulate and powder synthesis and engine simulation
  • Optimisation of physical and organisational systems
  • Discrete element modelling of fluidised beds and finite element modelling of extrusion flows
  • Analyte / ligand interactions