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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Meet your Chemical Engineering Society

The Cambridge University Chemical Engineering Society (or CUCES for short) is a student run society, which organises both careers and social events for undergraduate and post graduate students in the department.



A message from the President: Thuza Naing

Hello, I’m Thuza, a part IIA student at Murray Edwards College, and CUCES President for this year’s committee! I am excited to be continuing the amazing work done by our previous committees and aim to support all our members in their chemical engineering studies. I want to ensure everyone has a fantastic time and feel supported during their time here at CEB as I work together closely with the committee members to run both social and career events throughout the year. Some of the exciting things we do include organising various presentations and workshops to develop professional skills as well as holding our flagship events being Christmas Dinner and Annual Dinner. If you have any ideas or would like to get in touch with me or the Committee, catch me during tea break or email me at or CUCES at


Secretary: Luc Liedtke

Hello, I’m Luc, a part I chemical engineering from St. John’s and this year’s secretary for CUCES. The role I play in the society is primarily a supportive one as I relay important information to relevant CUCES members and take minutes of our meetings for future reference. I am also responsible for keeping the student body informed of events the society may be organizing and ensuring said events run smoothly. If you have any questions or suggestions for events feel free to drop me an email at or catch me in the department!





Treasurer: Thomas Slater

Hello! I’m Tom, a second year from Homerton College and I am this year’s CUCES treasurer. My role is to support the work of the committee on anything financial. This includes the many talks that are arranged by CUCES, our social events of the year and to organise sponsorship to try and make everything as affordable as possible.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me  on or find me in person! I am really looking forward to working with this year’s committee, as their creativity and motivation should really allow us to power through the current situation. In my spare time I love singing as a choral scholar of Homerton college or running through the streets of Cambridge.



IT & Publicity Officer: Niki Kotecha

Hello, I’m Niki, a second year at Magdalene and the IT & Publicity Officer for CUCES. My role is to promote upcoming career and social events as well as maintain and update the website. Therefore, you’ll mainly see me pop up in your email or social media to promote events. I also represent the undergraduate student body in CEB Focus, the department’s newsletter and form part of the team as an editor. If you want to contribute any article or promote any events via CUCES then feel free to catch me during tea time or email me at



Social Secretary: Toby Latcham

Hi, I’m Toby, a 2nd year from Downing and I am the CUCES social secretary. My role is to organise social events, as well as helping the committee plan the Christmas and Annual dinners, and the Frank Morton sports day. If you have any questions about events, or have any event ideas of your own, feel free to contact me  on



Careers Officer: Arwa Omran

Hiya! I’m Arwa, a second year from King’s, and I’m excited to be your new Careers Rep! I’m hoping to organise careers events tailored to your interests, and to provide more resources and information on obtaining internships and jobs. I’m also responsible for negotiating with companies to sponsor our flagship events, so these events can be subsidised for you. I am always happy to chat if you have any questions or feedback - just email me on

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