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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Meet your Chemical Engineering Society

The Cambridge University Chemical Engineering Society (or CUCES for short) is a student run society, which organises both careers and social events for undergraduate and post graduate students in the department.

A message from the President: Luc Liedtke

Hello! I’m Luc, a Part IIA student from St. John’s College and the President for the 2021 - 2022 CUCES committee. I look forward to continuing the work done by last year’s committee and guiding CUCES in the direction that students want. My primary responsibilities as President include making important decisions and coordinating with committee members to organise events. Due to COVID-19, we expect the majority of the events this year to be held virtually but hopefully the Christmas and Annual Dinners will be able to proceed in person. I hope the social and careers events we have planned for this year will be interesting and valuable to everyone. If you would like to share any of your ideas or thoughts on events please feel free to email me at or CUCES at 


Secretary: Kristina Calver

Hi, my name's Kristina. I'm a Chemical Engineer at Girton College and am Secretary on this year's CUCES committee. My role supports the committee by taking minutes of our meetings, helping to organise events, and keeping track of our inbox. Please feel welcome to contact me using my CRSID, kc574, for feedback or queries although I look forward to when we can talk in person instead!




Treasurer: Sam Newman 

Hello, I’m Sam, a part IIA from Queens’ and I’m excited to be your CUCES Treasurer for this year! I’m responsible for supporting the rest of the committee in all things financial. This includes managing the account, seeking sponsorship, as well as other behind-the-scenes work. Also, I’ll be organising stash later in the year. I’m keen to hear your views - if you have any ideas or questions please don’t hesitate to email






IT & Publicity Officer: Polina Abrosimova

Hi! I’m Polina, a second year at Downing and the IT & Publicity Officer for CUCES. My role is to promote upcoming career and social events as well as maintain and update the website - you’ll see me pop up in your email or social media to advertise events. I also represent the undergraduate student body in CEB Focus, the department’s newsletter, forming part of the editorial team. If you want to contribute any article or promote any events via CUCES then feel free to email me at




Social Secretary: Caredig Ap Tomos

Hi, I’m Caredig, a second year from Magdalene and I am the CUCES social secretary. My role is to organise social events, as well as helping the committee plan the Christmas and Annual dinners, and the Frank Morton sports day. If you have any questions about events, or have any event ideas of your own, feel free to contact me on





Careers Officer: Han You Low

Hi! I’m Han You, a second year from Emmanuel, and I’m excited to be your new Careers Rep! I’m hoping to organise careers events tailored to your interests, and to provide more resources and information on obtaining internships and jobs. I’m also responsible for negotiating with companies to sponsor our flagship events, so these events can be subsidised for you. I am always happy to chat if you have any questions or feedback - just email me on




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