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CUCES Committee 2017-2018

President - Krishan Shah
Hello, I'm Krishan, a part IIB student at Magdalene and president of the CUCES committee. I have a wide and varied role in the CUCES committee that includes: liaising between all members of the committee to ensure its smooth operation and acting as point of contact for the student body. Throughout the year CUCES will strive to keep providing interesting careers talks and fun social events, with lots of new and exciting ideas from all members of the committee. We are truly fortunate to have such a fantastic new building at West Cambridge and I do hope that we can continue to make full use of the facilities over the coming year. If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch via and/or our committee through .



Secretary - Flavia Bush
Hi! I'm Flavia, a part IIA student from Magdalene College and will be your CUCES Secretary for the coming year! My role within the committee involves ensuring you are all aware of what is happening in the department by sending emails and working with the other committee members to improve the department as a whole. CUCES organise several events throughout the year, both careers and social and I will be making sure they run smoothly. If you have any ideas or suggestions for anything CUCES related, feel free to email me at .


Treasurer - Animit Kulkarni
I'm Animit, a part IIA student from Caius and I will be the CUCES treasurer for 2017-18. Whilst my role within the committee is to look after the accounts supporting the society, I will also be heavily involved in organising the popular events that take place during the year, including the CUCES garden party, Frank Morton and the Annual Dinner. Working closely with the rest of the committee, we are hoping to bring a new element of creativity to these events, whilst also aiming to integrate the different years through a number of extra social events. I look forward to working with a very competent and innovative team and we hope you are excited to see what we have lined up in the next year!


IT & Publicity Officer - Felix Laing
Hi! I'm Felix, a part IIA student from Emmanuel College. As the CUCES IT & Publicity Officer for 2017/18, my job is to keep all members of CUCES up to date on the multitude of careers and social events organized by the committee, through use of social media and email, as well as managing the sign-up procedures for these events. I'll also be maintaining the CUCES website, and putting together the Undergraduate Focus section of the department's termly publication, CEB Focus. If you have any queries, suggestions for the website, or would like to get involved with writing for CEB Focus, feel free to get in touch with me via Facebook, or email me at .


Social Secretary - Hannah Bryson-Jones
Hi! My name's Hannah, I'm a part IIB from Emmanuel College and I'm this year's social secretary! My job is to organise fun activities and events so that members of the department can relax and make friends. This year I will be organising our Summer BBQ, Christmas and annual dinners, and the trip to Frank Morton sports day, as well as smaller events such as formals and bowling trips throughout the year. Chemical engineering is a really friendly department and I would encourage everyone to come along to our events! Have an idea for a social? Just let me know at

Careers Representative - Liam Emmett
Hi, my name is Liam Emmett and I am a CET IIA student at Jesus College. As the 2017/2018 CUCES Careers Representative, I am involved in connecting to companies to organise career sessions and pursue sponsorship for socials events, such as Frank Morton. This year, the highlights of the CUCES careers' calendar include various lunchtime presentations, the annual Careers Panel featuring many of our department's successful alumni and hopefully a site visit to a chemical plant, brewery or research facility. Please feel free to email me at or add me on LinkedIn if you are an individual or a company, with a strong commitment to chemical engineering, interested in participating in any of our career events or sponsoring CUCES.