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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Chemical Engineering Tripos timetable

Information for undergraduates

Information on Moodle

On Moodle, accessed from, can be found

  • Syllabus
  • Chemical Engineering Tripos Data Book
  • Learning resources for each course
  • Past examination papers

Examinations information

  • The University's Examination Review Procedure
    • Examiners double-check addition of marks, entry of marks into a spreadsheet, and the mathematical operations performed within it. Students may contact Professor Andy Sederman if they have a reason for requiring a further check on marks.

Careers Information

  • IChemE has published a six-part video series – ‘Your career in chemical engineering’ to showcase the diversity that a career in chemical engineering can offer.

    The videos feature 18 chemical engineers from recent graduates to executive leaders who share their career journeys and practical tips for boosting employability prospects.  

    From researching sustainable vitamins from microalgae to managing airport operations, and regulating explosive materials to developing devices for diabetics, they give an insight into the variety of career opportunities in chemical engineering. Plus, they explain the key skills they have gained that have helped them transition between sectors and to managerial roles.

    You can access the video series on our YouTube channel via this link:

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