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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


There are two main ways to study a foreign language whilst studying Chemical Engineering at Cambridge.

University Language Centre

The University Language Centre supports the teaching and learning of foreign languages. It offers:

  • Taught courses - 11 languages are available. Successful students receive a Certificate of Proficiency. Fees are charged for this service - your College may make a financial contribution.
  • Independent learning - resources for over 150 languages are available at the John Trim Centre without charge to Cambridge students.
  • Online learning resources - resources on 10 languages are freely available online to Cambridge students.

Department of Engineering Language Unit

The Department of Engineering Language Unit supports the teaching and learning of five languages: French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Courses are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

  • Part IIB Chemical Engineering undergraduates may study one foreign language at the Department of Engineering Language Unit if they are assessed for examination credit. The fee for this is paid by Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.
  • Part I and Part IIA Chemical Engineering undergraduates may not study at the Department of Engineering Language Unit. 

Details of the teaching and the timetable can be found on the Department of Engineering Language Unit website.


Language Centre