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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

students working in the undergraduate teaching laboratory

Subject requirements

 All Colleges require Mathematics and Chemistry at A level, IB higher level, or equivalent qualification.

Most Colleges prefer another science or mathematical subject as a third subject.

Each College at Cambridge sets its own entry requirements, and some may have additional subject requirements. Check the specific entry requirements for your College of choice before applying.  

You can also check typical entry requirements for other qualifications.

Other subjects

The most common third subject, in addition to Mathematics and Chemistry, is one of Physics, Biology or Further Mathematics.

We assume no biology knowledge beyond that covered at GCSE level. While an interest in using biology to make products is helpful, we know you may have chosen physical science A levels (or equivalent).

Similarly, we assume no physics knowledge beyond that covered at GCSE level. While an ability to think physically is undoubtedly helpful, we know you may have chosen biological science A levels (or equivalent).

We do not assume knowledge of A level Further Mathematics. You do need to be strong at maths, but we know further maths is not feasible for some applicants because of other subject choices. If you are interested in studying further maths, but are at a school that does not offer it, you should consult the Advanced Maths Support Programme.

Key information

Visit the main course page on the University of Cambridge Undergraduate Admissions website to find details on entry requirements, how to apply and life at Cambridge.

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