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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


New course from 2023

The course is being revised and will have a new structure from October 2023. This will affect anyone applying in October 2021 who wishes to defer entry until 2023. The new course will be titled “Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology”. Students will start studying the new course in their first year at Cambridge unlike the current structure where students spend the first year doing either Natural Sciences or (general) Engineering.

The information below describes the current course, i.e. for those who will start in October 2022.

Careers Information

  • IChemE has published a six-part video series – ‘Your career in chemical engineering’ to showcase the diversity that a career in chemical engineering can offer.

    The videos feature 18 chemical engineers from recent graduates to executive leaders who share their career journeys and practical tips for boosting employability prospects.  

    From researching sustainable vitamins from microalgae to managing airport operations, and regulating explosive materials to developing devices for diabetics, they give an insight into the variety of career opportunities in chemical engineering. Plus, they explain the key skills they have gained that have helped them transition between sectors and to managerial roles.

    You can access the video series on our YouTube channel via this link:

Information for prospective undergraduate applicants

The following information is designed to complement the information in the University Prospectus which is available online at

Further information on Chemical Engineering

Any first-year students already at Cambridge who are interested in Chemical Engineering should read the information for first-year undergraduates.

Undergraduate admissions queries: