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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


The following additional information is aimed specifically at Part IA students.

Course requirements

In order to be a candidate for honours in Chemical Engineering, you are required to gain honours in one of:

  • Part IA Engineering: if you didn't do A-level Chemistry before starting University (or gained an equivalent Chemistry qualification), then it is essential that you contact your College Director of Studies in Chemical Engineering as you will need special permission to do the course. Such permission is usually granted but you may be required to undertake some vacation reading before starting the course.
  • Part IA Natural Sciences: you need to have done at least one of IA Chemistry, IA Physics and IA Biology of Cells. You also need to have done Mathematics A, Mathematics B or Mathematical Biology. If you didn't do IA Chemistry, it is helpful to notify your College Director of Studies in Chemical Engineering in case any reading over the vacation is required.
  • Another Part IA subject: This needs special permission from both College and University authorities. However, such permission has been obtained in some cases (notably transfers from Part IA Mathematics) and students have gone on to do very well. Contact the Department Admissions Officer and your College Director of Studies in Chemical Engineering if you want to explore this possibility.

If you did not apply specifically to read Chemical Engineering, it is almost always straightforward to change to Chemical Engineering - in most Colleges, you simply notify your tutor and Director of Studies.

ATAS requirement

If you are an overseas student, you will be required to get an ATAS certificate before you can do the course. Let the Department know if you are in this situation, and we will put you in touch with the International Student Team who advise on how to do this.

Open Days for Part IA students

Information on Open Days for Part IA students will be advertised to relevant students in due course.

  • Michaelmas Term Social: This is aimed at students that we know specified Chemical Engineering during the admissions process.
  • Lent Term Talk in C.U. Engineering Dept: There is a talk on Chemical Engineering aimed at Part IA Engineering students one afternoon in Lent term in the Engineering Department.
  • Talk for IA Natural Scientsts:  Each year there is a lunch-time session (with free sandwiches) for all first-year students interested in studying Chemical Engineering from year 2. The session will describe the chemical engineering course and give students a chance to ask questions about it. The session will be advertised to relevant first-year students.

Finding out more

It is helpful to let the Department Admissions Officer and your College Director of Studies in Chemical Engineering know that you are interested in studying Chemical Engineering. This gives us an indication of student numbers which helps in the planning of our course, and it also enables us to invite you to events.

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