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Student one-liners on the course

"The facilities in the new Department are excellent, with ample space in the computer room and a quiet and spacious library. The tea room is a fantastic place to socialise with students and academics after lectures." - Robin

"I really enjoyed Chemical Engineering: the mixture of lectures, labs, supervisions and coursework was well balanced and interesting. The Department has a really friendly atmosphere." - Rebecca

"The course covers a vast range of topics but is well structured to enable all students to succeed - often beyond their own expectations." - Harry

"It is difficult to imagine a course that produces more well-rounded individuals. Studying Chemical Engineering covered a breadth of engineering and science that I could not have predicted, whilst honing practical, analytical and problem-solving skills." - Paul

"I loved the course. It's a really nice mish-mash of related but different topics. I also really enjoyed being able to organise my own time, especially afternoons and evenings, so that I could play rugby for the University." - Rupert

"Dynamic, interactive and friendly, the Department provides students with first class teaching and supervision that allows them to excel academically." - Ritika

"Superb department - there's an overwhelming feeling of friendliness, the course structure is excellent, huge links with industry and great research: you can't go wrong." - Carl

"The syllabus is varied, covering many different topics at a good level of theoretical detail. The research project in the fourth year put the theory we learnt into context and gave us practical experience of discovering new things in a laboratory." - Helen

"The course is a fantastic stepping stone towards a broad variety of disciplines including further research, finance, consultancy and a wide range of engineering based industries." - Ryan

"The course is challenging, and as well as studying Chemical Engineering, you get to learn a lot about yourself, how you work, and skills which will be useful wherever life takes you." - Alison

"It is great education for whatever one ends up doing after university. Students make lasting friendships with their classmates and interact with the lecturers on a frequent basis." - Constantinos

"One of the friendliest departments around with some of the brightest minds. The Chemical Engineering degree obtained is useful in a wide variety of fields, including engineering and finance, giving one a wide variety of career options." - Naveed

"I enjoyed the way that the Chemical Engineering course combined scientific principles, traditional industrial practice, and modern innovation." - Rebecca

"I loved all the supervisions and the staff have been very helpful. If I had a choice to start all over again, I'd still choose to do Chemical Engineering." - Dale

"The course is varied and interesting - I appreciated the balance of science and engineering in application to real-world problems and the variety of transferrable skills developed throughout." - Yao-Yao 

"One of the major strengths of the ChemEng course at Cambridge is its variety - from Natsci or Engineering in first year to the range of options in the final year. The many projects throughout the course mean that you become much more adaptable, with the confidence to tackle new problems." - Patrick

"I chose Chemical Engineering because it combined all my A level subjects, is vocational, and holds a lot of kudos with employers." - Kathryn

"In terms of all-round skills and problem solving, the Cambridge course is hard to beat. The Department is small and friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. And you can't find a much more attractive University town to live in!" - Ian

"The best thing about the department has got to be the people - everyone's so friendly and willing to help. All the facilities are spot-on, and it's good to think you're being taught by the people who are experts in their field." - Mike

"The department tea room and the various social activities arranged by the undergraduate committee makes Chemical Engineering a great place to meet new people and achieve an excellent work/life balance." - Gilli

"The best part of the course is the design project in the third year. Having the chance to apply the course to a real world case is hard work, but really interesting. The feeling of achievement when you submit your drawings, calculations and report is fantastic." - Richard

"The course is well structured and there are many aspects of the course that incorporate transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication, ensuring that one is prepared for a well-balanced working career in any discipline (not just strictly ChemEng!) upon graduating." - Rhoda

"The small classes mean lectures are quite interactive. If you don't understand something, generally you can just say so there and then, and the lecturer will try to help." - Mark

"A year spent doing either Natural Sciences or Engineering gives you the time and opportunity to make a more informed choice about what you want to do. The course is diverse and interesting, and provides a broad enough background to open a lot of doors at the end of the degree." - Jeff

"Having decided to become a Chemistry teacher, I am finding that my training as a chemical engineer has offered me a good way of showing the relevance of the science curriculum to products in everyday life." - Tina

"The Department is genuinely open to student suggestions, and staff help in finding vacation work, employment and provide general assistance." - Nuala

"A real boon of life in the Chemical Engineering Department is its relatively small size - it is housed in its own building and has a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. It is very easy to get to know lots of other people in the department, especially those in your own year." - Faisal

"The course has pretty much lived up to my expectations. The obvious practical application of most of the course makes it feel as if you are doing something useful, as well as making it interesting." - Lucy