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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Our research themes

Research at CEB is based around the major theme of sustainability. Sustainability encompasses a broad range of research areas and the department focuses in particular on the three strategic themes of healthcare, processes and materials. We also have internationally-recognised excellence in the disciplines of metrology (measurement) and modelling, which underpin our research in many areas. 

The complementary interests of researchers at CEB have given rise to research clusters in biotechnology, microstructure engineering, and reaction engineering. Researchers in our department undertake many collaborative projects through these research clusters, as well as through national and international collaborations.






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Research Clusters


 Microstructure  Engineering

 Reaction Engineering

The Biotechnology Research Cluster has grown out of the scientific and business expertise at the Institute of Biotechnology The Microstructure Engineering Cluster combines CEB's expertise in the fields of commercial polymer and soft material processing The Reaction Engineering Cluster is a network of CEB's leading academic researchers in the science of energy and combustion