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Two towers of wooden cubes showing the UN Sustainable Development Goals against a white background with a cartoon of skyscrapers, a plant and cyclical arrows to represent sustainability

The challenge of building an environmentally and socially responsible future is a systems problem that requires cross-discipline thinking and cross-sector collaboration. From developing sustainable manufacturing pathways for essential products, to decarbonising the energy sector, our research is committed to achieving a resilient and sustainable zero-carbon world.

Our Research Leaders in Sustainability

  • Professor David Fairen-Jimenez - Adsorption and Advanced Materials
  • Dr Adrian Fisher - Electrochemical and Microengineering
  • Dr Ljiljana Fruk - Bionano Engineering
  • Professor Dame Lynn Gladden - Magnetic Resonance
  • Professor Ross King - Machine Intelligence
  • Professor Markus Kraft - Computational Modelling
  • Professor Alexei Lapkin - Sustainable Reaction Engineering
  • Dr Ewa Marek - Energy Reactions and Carriers
  • Professor Mick Mantle - Magnetic Resonance
  • Professor Alex Routh - Colloidal Dispersions
  • Professor Andy Sederman - Magnetic Resonance
  • Professor Sam Stranks - Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy
  • Professor Laura Torrente - Catalysis and Process Integration
  • Professor Ian Wilson - Particles, Soft Solids and Surface
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    © Martin Bond

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