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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Research group activities

The Energy Reactions and Carrier Research Group undertakes research in:

  • Negative and Net-zero Energy Technologies (e.g., BECCS),
  • thermochemical energy storage,
  • production, application and processing of new fuels and energy vectors (ammonia, hydrogen, synthetic hydrocarbons, solid carriers),
  • sustainable production of high-value chemicals for Net-Zero Chemical Industry,
  • physics of granular flows,
  • sustainable processes and processing.


Note to Ph.D. applicants:

  1. Applicants for a PhD will require a good, First-Class (or equivalent), 4-year degree in chemical engineering, engineering, chemistry or physics. Research in the group will often call on a good understanding of transport processes, mathematics, reaction engineering and thermodynamics, so candidates must be willing to develop proficiency in these areas.
  2. High standards of written and spoken English are required. Short-listed applicants will be interviewed.
  3. Funded vacancies for post-doctoral positions in the Group will be advertised on the main Department website.
  4. We do NOT offer undergraduate internships.