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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Research interests

Energy, combustion, CCS, fluidised bed, discrete element modelling, CFD-DEM



Key publications: 
  1. Hu W., Marek E.J., Donat F., Scott S.A. (2019) A novel method to measure CO/CO2 ratio of the combustion of char in the external mass transfer limit. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37 (4), 5481-5488.

  2. Zheng Y., Grant R., Hu W., Marek E.J., Scott S.A. (2019) H2 production from partial oxidation of CH4 by Fe2O3-supported Ni-based catalysts in a plasma-assisted packed bed reactor. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37 (3), 2987-2993.

  3. Marek E.J., Zheng Y., Scott S.A. (2018) Enhancement of char gasification in CO2 during chemical looping combustion. Chemical Engineering Journal, 354, 137-148.

  4. Marek E.J., Hu W., Gaultois M., Scott S.A. (2018) The use of strontium ferrite in chemical looping systems. Applied Energy, 223, 369-382.

  5. Chan M.S.C., Marek E.J., Scott S.A., Dennis J.S. (2018) Chemical looping epoxidation. Journal of Catalysis, 359, 1-7.

  6. Swiatkowski B., Marek E.J. (2015) Optimisation of pulverized coal combustion in O2/CO2/H2O modified atmosphere – Experimental and numerical study. Energy, 92 (1), 47‑53.

  7. Jovanovic R., Marek E.J., Maletic S., Cvetinovic D., Markovic Z. (2015) Lattice Monte Carlo simulation of single coal char particle combustion under oxy–fuel conditions. Fuel, 151, 172–181.

  8. Swiatkowski B., Marek E.J., Hercog J., Bocian P., Golec T., Kakietek S. (2015) Oxy-fuel combustion of pulverized coal – experience from pilot plant installation. Chapter in monograph (in polish): PF and FB oxy-fuel combustion integrated with CO2 capture. Wydawnictwo Politechniki Czestochowskiej, Czestochowa.

  9. Marek E.J., Swiatkowski B. (2014) Experimental studies of single particle combustion in air and different oxy-fuel atmospheres. Applied Thermal Engineering, 66 (1–2), 35–42.

  10. Marek E.J., Jagiello K. (2014) Study of combustion process of single biomass particle. Chapter in monograph (in polish): Using biomass for power generation. Combustion and gasification. Institute of Power Engineering, Warsaw.

  11. Marek E.J., Stanczyk K. (2013) Case studies investigating single coal particle ignition and combustion. Journal of Sustainable Mining, 12, 17-31.

  12. Lewtak R., Marek E.J. (2013) Numerical and experimental investigations into combustion of a single biomass particle. Proceedings of 8th US National Combustion Meeting. Utah, USA.


  1. Chan M.S.C., Marek E.J., Scott S.A., Dennis J.S. A catalytic composite and a method of use thereof, issued 30/08/2017, Patent pending (GB1713951.0).

  2. Swiatkowski B., Marek E.J., Golec T., Mazur S. The method and a burner for combustion of pulverized coal in a gas stream with high oxygen concentration, issued 8/12/2014, Patent pending (410492).

University lecturer

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01223 334776
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