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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Research interests

Energy, combustion, CCS, fluidised bed, discrete element modelling, CFD-DEM


Leading the Energy Reactions and Carriers group


Sustainable process engineering

samuel_mixed Perovskites

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental.

Chemical looping and new energy vectors







Chemical Engineering Journal,

Advanced modelling (percolation, CFD, DEM)

Chemical Engineering Journal,

New materials for energy production

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control,






Key publications: 
Jovanovic R, Marek EJ. Percolation theory applied in modelling of Fe2O3 reduction during chemical looping combustion. Chemical Engineering Journal 2021;406.
Zheng Y, Marek EJ, Scott SA. H2 production from a plasma-assisted chemical looping system from the partial oxidation of CH4 at mild temperatures. Chemical Engineering Journal 2020;379.
Zheng Y, Marek E, Scott SA. The effect of CO on CO2-char gasification. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2020.
Redko T, Volford A, Marek EJ, Scott SA, Hayhurst AN. Measurement of the times for pyrolysis and the thermal diffusivity of a pyrolysing particle of wood and also of the resulting char. Combustion and Flame 2020;212:510–8.
Marek EJ, Gabra S, Dennis JS, Scott SA. High selectivity epoxidation of ethylene in chemical looping setup. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2020;262.
Görke RH, Marek EJ, Donat F, Scott SA. Reduction and oxidation behavior of strontium perovskites for chemical looping air separation. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2020;94.
Clarà Saracho A, Haigh SK, Hata T, Soga K, Farsang S, Redfern SAT, et al. Characterisation of CaCO3 phases during strain-specific ureolytic precipitation. Scientific Reports 2020;10.
Zheng Y, Grant R, Hu W, Marek E, Scott SA. H 2 production from partial oxidation of CH 4 by Fe 2 O 3 -supported Ni-based catalysts in a plasma-assisted packed bed reactor. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2019;37:5481–8.
Hu W, Marek E, Donat F, Dennis JS, Scott SA. A thermogravimetric method for the measurement of CO/CO2 ratio at the surface of carbon during combustion. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2019;37:2987–93.
Marek EJ, Zheng Y, Scott SA. Enhancement of char gasification in CO2 during chemical looping combustion. Chemical Engineering Journal 2018;354:137–48.
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Światkowski B, Marek E. Optimisation of pulverized coal combustion in O2/CO2/H2O modified atmosphere - Experimental and numerical study. Energy 2015;92:47–53.
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Marek E, Stańczyk K. Case Studies Investigating Single Coal Particle Ignition and Combustion. Journal of Sustainable Mining 2013;12:17–31.
Lewtak R, Marek E. Numerical and experimental investigations into combustion of a single biomass particle. 8th US National Combustion Meeting 2013, vol. 3, Western States Section/Combustion Institute; 2013, p. 2592–611.

Teaching and Supervisions


CET IIB Energy Technology

CET IB Design project

CET 1A Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer

University lecturer

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01223 334776
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