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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


M.A. (1964), Ph.D. (1965), Sc.D. (1992).

was F.I.Chem.E., F.E.I., C.Eng. until 2019
Fellow, Queens' College, Cambridge 1964 - 72; 1979 - .

Lecturer (Senior) Sheffield University 1972 -79.                   

Distinguished visitor (twice) Department of Chemistry, York University, Canada.                                                         

Steetley Award (1989) of The Institute of Energy for "the best paper on an energy conservation topic published in The Journal of The Institute of Energy"
Sugden Award of the British Section of The Combustion Institute for the most significant contribution to Combustion research, 1990
Honorary Professor, Krakow University of Technology (2004 -)
Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal of The Combustion Institute for distinguished, continuing and encouraging contributions to the field of combustion 2010
Editor, Combustion & Flame, 1994 - 2000
Editor in Chief, Combustion & Flame, 2000 - 2004
Chairman, British Section of The Combustion Institute, 2006-2011.

Editorial Board of "Progress in Energy and Combustion Science" 2000 - 2015


Key publications: 

A.A. Prus, T.D. Slater, E.J. Marek, A.N. Hayhurst, Using a fluidised bed to measure and investigate the thermal diffusivities and pyrolysis of some woods at temperatures of 200–600 °C, Fuel, Volume 345, 2023, 128227, ISSN 0016-2361,

D. RALPH CHADEESINGH, A.N. HAYHURST, On fluidising a heated bed of sand with a mixture of methane and air: When do the bubbles ignite and when does combustion occur between the sand particles?, Combustion and Flame, Volume 248, 2023, 112525, ISSN 0010-2180,

T. MCCANN, E.J. MAREK, YAOYAO ZHENG, J.F. DAVIDSON, A.N. HAYHURST, The combustion of waste, industrial glycerol in a fluidised bed,
Fuel, Volume 322, 2022, 124169, ISSN 0016-2361,

A.N. HAYHURST, The ignition and combustion of mixtures of a gaseous hydrocarbon fuel in air when fluidising a bed of sand,
Combustion and Flame, Volume 240, 2022, 112044, ISSN 0010-2180,

I.A.GIBSON, C.J. SLIM, YAOYAO ZHENG, S.A.SCOTT, J.F. DAVIDSON, A.N. HAYHURST, The continuous combustion of glycerol in a fluidised bed, Combustion and Flame, 2019, 200, 60 - 68.

I.A. GIBSON, C.J. SLIM, YAOYAO ZHENG, S.A. SCOTT, J.F. DAVIDSON, A.N. HAYHURST, An examination of Wen and Yu's formula for predicting the onset of fluidisation, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 135 (2018) 103 - 111.

N.A. BURDETT, A.N. HAYHURST, Kinetic and thermodynamic measurements of the reactions of the positive ions, Mn+ and MnOH+, formed by adding manganese to fuel-rich flames of either H2 + O2 or C2H2 + O2, Combustion and Flame, 189 (2018) 315 - 324.

A. MENON, N. WALLER, WENTING HU, A.N. HAYHURST, J.F. DAVIDSON, S.A. SCOTT, The combustion of solid paraffin wax and of liquid glycerol in a fluidised bed, Fuel, 199 (2017) 447 - 455.

C.J. TIGHE, M.V. TWIGG, A.N. HAYHURST, J.S. DENNIS, The kinetics of oxidation of Diesel soots and a carbon black (Printex U) by O2 with reference to changes in both size and internal structure of the spherules during burnout, Carbon, 107 (2016) 20 - 35.

H.R.N. JONES, A.N. HAYHURST, Measurements of the concentrations of positive and negative ions along premixed fuel-rich flames of methane and oxygen, Combustion and Flame, 166 (2016) 86 - 97.

D. ALLEN, A.N. HAYHURST, The effect of CaO on emissions of nitric oxide from a fluidised bed combustor, Fuel, 159 (2015) 898 - 907.

D. ALLEN, A.N. HAYHURST, The Chemical reactions of nitric oxide with solid carbon and catalytically with gaseous carbon monoxide, Fuel, 142 (2015) 260 - 267.

WEN LIU, JIN YANG LIM, M.A. SAUCEDO, A.N.HAYHURST, S.A. SCOTT, J.S. DENNIS, Kinetics of the reduction of wustite by hydrogen and carbon monoxide for the chemical looping production of hydrogen, Chemical Engineering Science, 120 (2014) 149 - 166.

A.N. HAYHURST, J.M. Goodings, S.G. Taylor, The effects of applying electric fields on the mass spectrometric sampling of positive and negative ions from a flame at atmospheric pressure, Combustion and Flame, 161 (2014) 3249 - 3262.

D.R. CHADEESINGH, A.N. HAYHURST, The combustion of a fuel-rich mixture of methane and air in a bubbling fluidised bed of silica sand at 700 C and also with particles of Fe2O3 or Fe present, Fuel, 127 (2014) 169 - 177.

A.B. FIALKOV, A.N. HAYHURST, S.G. TAYLOR, S.B. NEWCOMB, Shapes of soot particles, both charged and uncharged, after molecular beam sampling a premixed oxyacetylene flame burning at atmospheric pressure, Combustion Science and Technology, 185 (2013) 1762 - 1776.

A.N. HAYHURST, The kinetics of the pyrolysis or devolatilisation of sewage sludge and other solid fuels, Combustion and Flame, 160 (2013) 138 - 144.

A.N. HAYHURST, Mass Spectrometric Sampling of a Flame, Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves, 48 (2012) 516 - 525.

JYUUNG-SHAUU CHERN, A.N. HAYHURST, Fluidised bed studies of (i) reaction-fronts inside a coal particle during its pyrolysis or devolatilisation, (ii) the combustion of carbon in various coal chars, Combustion and Flame, 159 (2012) 367 - 375.

C.J. TIGHE, M.V. TWIGG, A.N. HAYHURST, J.S. DENNIS. The kinetics of oxidation of various Diesel soots by NO2, Combustion & Flame, 159 (2012) 77 - 90.

S.Y. CHUANG, J.S. DENNIS, A.N. HAYHURST, S.A. SCOTT, Kinetics of the chemical-looping oxidation of hydrogen by a co-precipitated mixture of CuO  and Al2O3, Chem. Eng. Research and Design, 89 (2011) 1511 - 1523.

F. BURGESS, P.D.W. LLOYD, P.S. FENNELL, A.N. HAYHURST, Combustion of polymer pellets in a bubbling fluidised bed, Combustion & Flame, 158 (2011) 1638 - 1645.

P.S. FENNELL, J.S. DENNIS, A.N. HAYHURST, Latter stages of the reduction of NO to N2 on particles of Fe, while simultaneously oxidising Fe to its oxides, Energy & Fuels, 25 (2011) 1510 -1520.

T.P. IVLEVA, A.G. MERZHANOV, E.N. RUMANOV, N.I. VAGANOVA, A.N. CAMPBELL, A.N. HAYHURST, When do chemical reactions promote mixing ? , Chemical Engineering Journal, 168 (2011) 1 - 14.

T.A. BROWN, J.S. DENNIS, S.A. SCOTT, J.F. DAVIDSON, A.N. HAYHURST, Gasification and chemical-looping combustion of a lignite char in a fluidized bed of iron oxide, Energy & Fuels, 24 (2010) 3034 - 3048. 

JYUUNG - SHIAUU CHERN, A.N. HAYHURST, A simple theoretical analysis of the pyrolysis of an isothermal particle of coal, Combustion & Flame, 157 (2010) 925 - 933.

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