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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Centre for Research in Electrochemical Science and Technology

The electrochemical and micro engineering group is housed in the Centre for Research in Electrochemical Science and Technology (CREST) in the UK and within the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) in Singapore. The group has well equipped laboratories with extensive experimental and computational instrumentation, including, a dedicated microfabrication line for the rapid prototyping and construction of microfluidic/microelectrode devices. We also use a wide range of analytical tools, including fluorescence, impedance, optical microscopy, atomic force microscopy and electrochemical instrumentation for (bio)chemical analysis. In addition, work with nanoscience @Cambridge provides access to electron beam and focused ion beam lithography for nanofabrication, as well as more traditional surface analysis tools such as SEM and TEM. In our multidisciplinary group we are interested in exploiting a wide range of techniques such as:

  • Micro-/nano-fabrication
  • Electrochemical sensing
  • Microfludics
  • Spectroscopic analysis
  • Numerical simulation

Ultimately, we use these techniques to design, develop and manufacture novel micro- and nano-scale devices for applications in a number of fields including: quantitative (bio)chemical analysis, fuel cell development and (bio)photovoltaic device development. This research can be divided into four main strands:

  • The development of devices for analytical applications
  • The development of devices for clean energy production
  • The development and application of numerical simulations
  • Nanoelectrochemistry