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How to Apply

Tamaryn and Amy

In order to study for a PhD in Chemical Engineering or Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, you must formally apply to Graduate Admissions.  Please see their website for more information about applying on-line.   

All first-year PhD research students are registered for no formal registration (NOTAF) until satisfactory progress has been made.  Offer letters from the Board of Graduate Studies to such students say that they have either been registered for a a PhD (Probationary) or NOTAF in the first instance.

Research students are registered for the PhD only after a satisfactory progress assessment at the end of three terms.

Notes on filling in the Graduate Admissions Application Form

Please note that the admissions process can take 2 - 3 months.

The application form asks you to indicate a choice of College; for information on choosing a college, please see the College information page.

When selecting referees, please refer to the guidelines provided by Graduate Admissions on who to nominate to be your referees.

Before choosing a research area, please see the Department's Research Activities pages to become familiar with our current research.

On your application, you may choose to enter the supervisor's name with whom you wish to work.  If you do not enter a supervisor's name, your application will be 'pooled'.  Please note that there is a lower acceptance rate of applications with no named supervisor.   A research proposal, a brief summary of the research you wish to undertake, is required, and this is entered on the application.  A degree of flexibility on both sides (the Department and you) is helpful. Students frequently come to the Department and work in a slightly different area to their original preference.

For more information about applications, see the following link: