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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


In your Conditional Offer, you will see the conditions you must meet before your admission is confirmed.  You should meet each condition as soon as you are able; you shouldn't wait if you are already able to meet one or more of them.  For example, you can accept your offer, upload a photograph, and complete and upload the Visa Status form (if applicable) straight away.  Many will also be able to upload a passport copy immediately.  The more conditions you can meet early, the greater your chances of getting a confirmed offer in good time.

Please be advised that when you upload a document onto the Applicant Portal, or if delivery of your original hardcopies are signed for at the Postgraduate Admissions Office, your condition will not be automatically met.  Your uploaded or hardcopies of documents will join a queue with other students' documents to await processing.  Once the document is considered by staff at the Admissions Office, they will either update the condtion as complete, or they will issue a note on your self-service why the condition was not met and the steps you need to take.  It normally takes 1-2 weeks, or longer during busy periods such as late summer/early autumn and in December/January, before the document is processed by the Admissions Office.

Withdrawing Your Offer

If you determine that you will be unable to take up your place at Cambridge, you will need to log-in to your self-service and formally withdraw your application.  This will alert the Admissions Office, the Department, and your College of your intentions.