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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


In your Conditional Offer, you will see the conditions you must meet before your admission is confirmed.  You should meet each condition as soon as you are able; you shouldn't wait if you are already able to meet one or more of them.  For example, you can accept your offer, upload a photograph, and complete and upload the Visa Status form (if applicable) straight away.  Many will also be able to upload a passport copy immediately.  The more conditions you can meet early, the greater your chances of getting a confirmed offer in good time.

Please be advised that when you upload a document onto CamSIS, or if delivery of your original hardcopies are signed for at the Graduate Admissions Office, your condition will not be automatically met.  Your uploaded or hardcopies of documents will join a queue with other students' documents to await processing.  Once the document is considered by staff at the Admissions Office, they will either update the condtion as complete, or they will issue a note on your self-service why the condition was not met and the steps you need to take.  It normally takes 1-2 weeks, or longer during busy periods such as late summer/early autumn and in December/January, before the document is processed by the Admissions Office.

Some of the common conditions are below:

Accepting Your Offer

If you wish to take up your place of study here in the Department, you should accept your offer straight away.  By accepting, you are not stating that you are able to meet all conditions immediately.  You are simply indicating that you will aim to meet your conditions.  (This includes the financial condition.  By accepting, you are not obligating yourself to paying the fees.  You are stating that if you can obtain the funding and meet your other conditions, you wish to take up your place of study.)  Please see the Offer Booklet on your self-service for information on what accepting entails.

Academic Condition

Please do not upload copies of transcripts to try and meet this condition.  They can't be accepted, and uploading them will not speed up meeting the condition. (It actually slows things down!)

One of your conditions will be that original hard copies (or authenticated hard copies) of your transcripts and/or degree certificates (sometimes called a diploma) are sent to the Graduate Admissions Office.  Some universities can provide secure electronic documents via a system such as HEAR or Digitary; there are instructions in the Offer Booklet on how to proceed with such.  

If you have more than one degree or have attended more than one university -- you must provide original or authenticated hard copies of your transcripts and/or degree certificates from each degree and/or university.  The transcripts and/or degree certificates must show that your degree has been awarded and your final mark/grade.  

English Language

We do not require that you take and meet the minimum scores on an English test before you can apply for admission, but if English is not your first language, one of your conditions of admission will be that you do so.  You should book a place for an IELTS or TOEFL exam as soon as possible as testing sessions fill up quickly.  Please note that the Department does not have the authority to waive a student's English condition; this can only be done by the Graduate Admissions Office upon the recommendation of the Language Centre after they complete an assessment, if you are eligible for one.  (It will be indicated on your Self-Service if you are eligible for a Language Centre assessment.   Please scroll down to near the bottom of the page to the section 'LC Assessment'.)  

Other Conditions

You will likely have other conditions with your offer, such as finance, a college place, and for international students, a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS).  You will find additional information regarding those conditions, as well as those above, at the Graduate Admissions pages on Conditions of Admission.  You must also download and read the Offer Booklet, as it thoroughly explains your offer and its conditions.

Withdrawing Your Offer

If you determine that you will be unable to take up your place at Cambridge, you will need to log-in to your self-service and formally withdraw your application.  This will alert the Admissions Office, the Department, and your College of your intentions.