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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


I'm in charge of the organisation and delivery of CEB's event offering, and related communication activities, aligned with the department corporate strategy aimed at attracting the very best talent and raising the department profile globally. This not only involves external events, including public engagement activities, but also internal to celebrate our diversity, academic talent and achievements.

Our main aims are to 1) raise the profile of chemical engineering and biotechnology as an exciting and rewarding study option offering a whole range of fulfilling careers to help tackle global challenges; 2) to further develop existing relationships, and forge new connections and mutually beneficial collaborations with industry, academia and external bodies; and 3) to help encourage practical and financial support of our students, which can help sustain the education of the future chemical engineering and biotechnology leaders.

We facilitate this  task by active stakeholder engagement with CEB's programmes and events, offering opportunities for interaction and contribution, and using these to promote our key teaching and research activities. As the main Alumni Relations contact for the department,  I organise related events including career talks, industry expert panels, open days and graduate recruitment fairs, alumni reunions.  In addition to organising highlight events at CEB, and helping launch and run new department initiatives (leading first Outreach development group at CEB including recruiting, training and management of volunteers).

I also produce marketing materials in collaboration with external designers and other suppliers, including department merchandise, for both print and digital circulation. As Chief Editor of CEB Focus, department newsletter,  I lead the department's newsletter team to publish three termly issues a year featuring content of interest to our key global audiences, whilst showcasing CEB teaching and research activities, strengths and academic achievements to the outside world.  I search for and create relevant and strategic content items to feature in our newsletter and share on social media platforms, also drafting news items at times and updating the content of some sections of our department website. I assist the communications manager with organising  media coverage of highlight events and related activities including media appearances and featured articles to be printed in University newsletter, local newspapers and trade press. 

Marketing and Outreach Assistant

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