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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

I am in charge of the organisation and delivery of CEB's outreach event offering, and related communication activities, aligned with the University widening participation strategy. 

The remit of my role outreach mainly involves: 

  • raising the profile of the chemical engineering and biotechnology disciplines whilst showcasing CEB teaching and research activities, strengths and academic achievements to the outside world.
  • engaging prospective students with the discipline and encouraging the very best talented students from all socio-economic backgrounds to apply to study with us.
  • increasing the number of applications to our chemical engineering and biotechnology undergraduate course,  an exciting and rewarding study option offering a whole range of fulfilling careers to tackle a series of current global challenges facing humanity;
  • raising the department profile globally and increase the public understanding of our diverse range of research activities, their applications, and impact 
  • further developing existing relationships with graduates, and forge new connections and mutually beneficial collaborations with a wider range of partners in industry and academia as well as external professional bodies;
  • liaising with department graduates and encouraging support of our department and students to help sustain the education of the future chemical engineering and biotechnology leaders.

In the process of delivering our event offering I actively engage with a number of stakeholders including prospective students, parents, teachers, graduates, charitable organisations, professional bodies and companies in the chemical engineering and biotechnology industries aligned with our sustainable values. 

As the main Alumni Relations contact for the department, I help organise related events like career talks and fairs and alumni reunions providing opportunities for alumni to interact with us, contribute to our activities, and support our department and students.  

In addition to organising highlight outreach and recruitment events at CEB like Open Days, summer schools, Cambridge Festival, etc...I help launch and administer new department outreach initiatives (i.e. The Davidson Inventors Challenge) and lead the recruiting, training, and management of student ambassadors and event volunteers.  My role also involves  the organisation and delivery of some public engagement and marketing activities including the production of promotional materials both and department merchandise in collaboration with internal/external designers and suppliers.

I also produce the termly digital department alumni newsletter 'CEB Focus' for the Development and Alumni Relations Office and provide updates on our outreach activities for the Teachers and Students newsletters from Cambridge Admissions Office. 

Marketing and Outreach Assistant

Contact Details

01223 (7)62587
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