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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Peace Adesina PhD student
Dr Sebastian Ahnert University Lecturer
Dr Jethro Akroyd 01223 (7)62784 Senior Research Associate
Mohammed Al-Sharabi PhD student
M. Reza Andalibi Post-doctoral researcher
A Andriianova MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Robin Ansell 01223 (3)34147 Computer Associate, Audio Visual Lead Role
Moritz Anuschek Visitor
Marta Aragones-Anglada PhD student
Ruben Asiain PhD student
Nikolaos Avrantinis PhD student
Professor Sabine Bahn 01223 (3)34151 Professor of Neurotechnology
Andrew Baker PhD student
Jonathan Barnard PhD student
Dr Patrick Barrie 01223 (3)31864 Director of Education (School of Technology), University Senior Lecturer
Christopher Bawden 01223 (3)31892 Senior Teaching / General Lab Technician
Dr Prince Bawuah Post doc
Jiri Benacek Research Assistant
Marian Bentley 01223 (7)61629 Johnson Matthey Research Fellow
Camila Betterelli Giuliano MBE student
Eugenia Biral Research Assistant
Andrea Bistrovic-Popov Post doc
Astrid Boje Visitor
William Bolton MBE student
E Bondal MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise
Suzanne Boone Course Coordinator for EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future
Cara Bootman 01223 (7)67485 HR Administrator
Dr Alexander Boys Postdoctoral Research Associate
Professor John Bridgwater Emeritus professor
Eric Bringley PhD student
David F. F. Brossault 01223 (7)65719 PhD Researcher
Adam Brown Technical Operations Manager
Dr Jason Brunt 01223 (3)34777 Postdoctoral researcher
Kayla-Jade Butkow Sensor CDT student
Dr Simon Butler 01223 (3)34766 Chemical Laboratory Manager, Senior Technical Officer: Rheology Centre
David Cann Domestic Staff
Liwei Cao PhD student
Charlotte Capdevila MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Professor Silvana Cardoso 01223 (3)31863 Professor of Fluid Mechanics and the Environment
Alexander Carvell Laboratory Technician
Tamsin Chambers PhD student
Professor Howard Chase 01223 (3)34781 Emeritus Professor of Biochemical Engineering
Melissa Chee 01223 (3)30144 PhD student
Dr Xu Chen Post doc
Chew Wei Xuan Dillon MPhil Biotechnology student
Charles Nicklas Christensen Sensor CDT student
Dr Graham Christie 01223 (3)34166 University Senior Lecturer
Mercedes Cornelius Research Assistant
Dr Raquel Costa Programme coordinator, MPhil in Biotechnology
Jon Cowper 63866 Computer Officer
Phillip Craig MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Sandra Crawford Accounts Clerk
Leander Crocker Research Associate
Freyja Bjork Dagbjartsdottir PhD student
Suzanne Daley HR Assistant
Jamie Davidson PhD student
C Davison MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Dr Daan de Kort +31 20 630 79 86 Visiting researcher, Researcher at Shell
Giannina Del Carmen Ow Young Villarreal PhD student
Professor John Dennis 01223 (3)34787 Head of School of Technology, Professor of Chemical Reaction Engineering
Karthikeya Deshmukh PhD student
Runqiao Dong PhD student
Scott Elgersma PhD student
Sonja Eliason MBE student
Antonio Exposito Post-doctoral researcher
Dr David Fairen-Jimenez +44 1223 334785 Royal Society University Research Fellow, Reader in Molecular Engineering
Nikzad Falahati PhD student
Luise Fanslau MPhil Biotechnology student
Dr Feroz Farazi Research Associate
Kobi Felton PhD student
Ana I Fernandez Villegas Post doc
Alistair Finlayson Facilities Manager
Dr Adrian Fisher 01223 (7)63996 Reader in Electrochemistry
Stuart Fordham 01223 (7)67407 Stores Assistant
Emma Frampton HR Advisor (currently on secondment)
Christoph Franck PhD student
Harry Freeman MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Dr. Ljiljana Fruk 01223 (3)34778
Samuel Gabra PhD student
Dr. Chiara Gandini Post-doc
Nishanthi Gangadharan PhD student
Yunhu Gao PhD student
Chenfeng Gao PhD student
Rebecca Garnett MBE student
Professor Dame Lynn Gladden 01223 (3)34762 Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering
Elena Gonzalez 01223 (7)62587 Marketing and Outreach Assistant
Cristina González López PhD student
Lorena Gordillo Dagallier Sensor CDT student
Ellie Hall 01223 (3)30155 Communications Manager
Professor Lisa Hall 01223 (3)34149 Professor of Analytical Biotechnology, Director of Research
Dr Bart Hallmark 01223 (7)62783 Senior Lecturer
Zhimian Hao PhD student
Alexander Harrison PhD student
Professor Allan Hayhurst F.C.I., M.R.S.C., 01223 (3)34790 Emeritus Professor
Jan Heck Sensor CDT student
Smithe Hegde Postdoctoral researcher
Christine Heinrich 01223 (7)48857 Senior Lab Technician
Ishbel Henderson MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Sebastian Horstmann Sensor CDT student
Dr Edward Ishiyama 01223 (3)30144 Visitor
Debbie Jacobs Chief Domestic Supervisor
Apoorv Jain PhD student
Dr Muhammad Asadullah Javed +44 (0)1223 334777 Research Associate
Perman Jorayev PhD student
Konstantinos Kallitsis Research Associate
Morten Kals MPhil Biotechnology student
Professor Clemens Kaminski 763135 Professor of Chemical Physics, Director: EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies and Applications, Head of Department
Doctor Gabriele S Kaminski Schierle 766549 Reader in Molecular Biotechnology
Ahmad Khan PhD student
Professor Ross King Director of Research
Romilde Kotzé PhD student
Professor Markus Kraft 762784 Professor of Chemical Engineering, CARES Director
Kenny Kwong PhD student
Karen Langford HR Manager
Chung Ting Lao Visitor
Professor Alexei Lapkin 330141 Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering
Fabian Lechtenberg
Jongmin Lee PhD student
Gustavo Leon Cazares 334777 PhD student
Dr. Markus Leutzsch 768731 Postdoctoral research associate
George Lewis Visitor
Aurelia Li Research Assistant
Qi Li PhD student
Xiao Lin PhD student, CET supervisor
Swetha Lingamgunta Sensor CDT student
Xiewen Liu PhD Student
Tara Love 765700 PhD student
Zixuan Lu PhD student
Meng Lu Post doctoral research associate
Ting Lye MBE student
Professor Malcolm Mackley Emeritus Professor
Dr David Madden Research Associate
Julien Mahin PhD student
Dr Philip Mair Programme Manager, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future
Dr Stanislaw Makarchuk Postdoctoral researcher
Dr Mick Mantle 766325 Assistant Director of Research, Reader in Magnetic Resonance
Vasileios Mappas
Dr Ewa Marek 01223 334776 University lecturer
Luca Mascheroni Sensor CDT student
Dr Tom Matthams (3)30140 Department Administrator (Academic Matters)
Dr. Bismoy Mazumder 01223 336633 Post-Doctoral Researcher
Dr Thomas McCoy 65705 Post-doctoral Research Associate
James Meech Sensor CDT student
Dr Ioanna Mela Post doc
Francesca Melle PhD student
Angiras Menon PhD student
A. Mikhailova MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Gabrielle Corley Mills PhD student
Yash Mishra PhD student
Suraj Mital PhD student
Prof Geoff Moggridge 334763 Professor of Chemical Product Design
Dr Jenny Molloy Shuttleworth Research Fellow
Iain Morrison (3)34774 Computer Officer
Dr Sebastian Mosbach +44 1223 762785 Senior Research Associate
Chrysanthi Maria Moysidou PhD student
Amin Mustafa PhD student
Greta Musteikyte Sensor CDT student
G Myers MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Sam Nehme PhD student
Dr Christopher Ness Visiting Academic
Manja Neumann PhD student
Eduardo Nolasco PhD student
Tonny I. Okedi PhD candidate
Dr Oghenejokpeme Orhobor Research Associate
Ahmed Othman PhD student
Professor Róisín M. Owens +44 (0)1223 763969
Aazraa Oumayyah Pankan Visitor
Anna-Maria Pappa Post doc
Hyun Il Park PhD student
Doctor Bill Paterson Retired staff
Danita Pearson Laboratory Technician
Peter Pihlmann Pedersen Sensor CDT student
R L Peralta MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Elena Pisa PhD student
Charalampos Pitsalidis Post doc
Alexander Pomberger PhD student
Nicole Prandi Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Rhian Lauren Preece 334155 PhD student
Doctor Hassan Rahmoune +44 (0)1223 748999 Biological Laboratory Manager , Senior Technical Officer
Clare Rees-Zimmerman PhD student
Dr Abbi Abdel Rehim Research Associate
Mark Rose Domestic staff
Dr Sarah Rough 334772 Senior Lecturer
Georgia Roussou PhD student
Prof Alex Routh 334789 Professor of Colloid Science
Laura Rozing PhD student
Paul Rust MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Bruno M. S. Pinho 331761 Research Associate
Janire Saez Castano Post doc
Ismail Sami PhD student
Supawan Santitewagun PhD student
Achilleas Savva Postdoctoral researcher
Sina Schack PhD student
Dr Katharina Scherer Post doc
O Schofield MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Dr David Scott Retired staff
Karen Scrivener +44 (0)1223 761208 Executive Assistant to the Head of Department
Mark Scudder 01223 (3)34730
Dr Andy Sederman 766338 Reader in Magnetic Resonance in Engineering
Dushanth Seevaratnam Research Assistant
Patrick Selby MBE Course Coordinator
Doctor Marta Serrani
Aadit Shah MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise
Shambhawi Shambhawi PhD student
Mr Saksham Sharma PhD student
Wenyan Shi PhD student
Gemma Siddall PhD student
Dimitrios Simatos Sensor CDT student
Deborah Lyn Singh 766707 Laboratory Manager, Departmental Safety Officer, Deputy Biological Safety Officer, Radiation Protection Supervisor
Elise Siouve Sensor CDT student
Bob Skelton 334790 Retired staff
Professor Nigel K.H. Slater 01223 762953 Professor of Chemical Engineering
Katherine Smart 334784
Collin Smith PhD student
Dr Joanna Stasiak 330144 Senior Teaching Associate
Amanda Stenbaek MBE student
Dr Amberley Stephens 762624 Postdoctoral Researcher
Helen Stevens-Smith Teaching Office Administrator
Bill Stockham PhD student
Dr Sam Stranks 01223 337288 University Lecturer in Energy, Royal Society University Research Fellow
Ranjani Sundar MBE student
Yong Ren Tan PhD student
Amanda Taylor Graduate Administrator
Jake Patrick Taylor-King MBE student
Tian Tian PhD Candidate
Dr Jakub Tomasik 334155 Senior Research Associate
Dr Laura Torrente Murciano 768664 Reader in Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, EPSRC Early Career Fellow
Walther Traberg-Christensen PhD student (probationary)
Rachael Louise Tuley 335245 Academic Officer, Teaching and Examinations Co-ordinator
Professor Alan Tunnacliffe 766549 Professor of Molecular Biotechnology
Francesca van Tartwijk Sensor CDT student
Oliver Vanderpoorten Sensor CDT student
Ru Wang PhD student
Anita Wang MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise Student
Yuhan Wang MPhil by research student
Edward Ward Post doc
Jordan Ward-Williams Research Assistant
Jana Marie Weber PhD student
Charlie Wedd Sensor CDT student
Dr Lik Hong Wee Visiting Research Fellow
Alexandra Wheeler MPhil Biotechnology student
Ian Wilson 334791 Professor of Soft Solids and Surfaces
Joseph Wong Research Assistant
Shaohua Wu Visitor
Shuxin Wu Visitor
Yao Xiao PhD student
Yanxia Xu Visitor
Jifeng Yang Visitor
Dr Polina Yaseneva Visitor
Dr Andrew York FRSC 761629 Johnson Matthey Research Fellow, Visitor
Na Yu PhD Candidate
Dr Kamran Yunus 762959 Fellow in Chemical Engineering, Senior Teaching Associate
T.E. Zablocki MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise student
Maria Zacharopoulou 01223762925 PhD student
Joseph Zammit Sensor CDT student
Professor J. Axel Zeitler 334783 Professor of Microstructure Engineering
ShiYuan Zhang Research Associate
Chonghuan Zhang PhD student
Kaiwen Zhang PhD student
Qianyue Zhang PhD student
Dr Qingyuan Zheng Research Associate
Geyunjian Zhu PhD student
Yunhui Zhuang PhD student